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  1. RitualClarity

    Sexout Common Resources (SCR)

    No problem, it is a complex setup to get going. Takes time and many times people just make a mistake and miss something.
  2. Hello, Forgive me if this was mentioned before. The "Synths"mentioned above in the OP is linked to a bad page, the mod isn't available. I don't have a functional Fallout 4 but reading through the tutorial is pretty clear instructions Keep up the good work.
  3. RitualClarity

    Sexout Tryout

    Or.. install the requirements as instructed and make sure your sexout is fully working all the assets are good to go. (remember the backup option in the tutorial, do that to be sure you can reinstall any time you want.) Then... just reinstall your replace res over the ones in the tutorial. If it shows a conflict (MO) or prompts you to overwrite (FOMM, NMM etc) then you know it is changing the tutorial / SCR files. The resources that I cover are only meshes and textures. If you want to replace them (and they are on the same path) the worst I can see you getting is strange results from the assets as they change (stages in pregnancy) as the files you have won't be setup (for pregnancy etc) as the files provided for you. if you don't like the results of the files you installed,, then remove them (or if you are adventurous... perhaps even change their paths so they install in a different file away from the SCR Resources. as long as they dont have the same reference number it should work... Havne't tried it though.... that's my story and I am sticking to it ).
  4. RitualClarity

    Sexout Common Resources (SCR)

    I believe you still have to install all the files from Sexout Common resources. AS for the pregnancy files... they likely are from an older torrent. Do yourself a favor and get maternity pack overkill and related files and install them over the torrent along with the rest of SCR files or to be really through download SMMP... install it then Maternity pack overkill and related files. (loaded after SMMP) to make sure you have all the files fully updated. After this, you should be 100% (however, there is one mod you will have to searchout that is mentioned in my tutorial that is no longer publicly available on Nexus. Thsoe will be missing unless you can find a source for htose. both pregnant as well as regular versions)
  5. RitualClarity

    Sexout Breeder

    add these while you are at it... https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/ LOL.
  6. RitualClarity

    List of Sexout Mods

    Not that I am aware of. Those are the newest version and the authors (likely) aren't active or interested in updating them... To go about and "fix" the answer was given to you from Neutron Rus above. Grab the mod you are interested in. (in your case SexoutSex) and start asking how to fix x problem and y problem and start updating it. Hopefully it is a public mod /site mod or the author doesn't care about updates or changes to the mod and you are able to upload it yourself or give the fix to the original author for upload. If not... you will still learn how to do a lot and get the mod you most want functional for your use.
  7. RitualClarity

    FNIS Error 57 Mod Organizer

    Remember you should keep your MO overwrite folder aas clean as possible. This will avoid many issues
  8. RitualClarity

    Fomm - Custom Build -

    Manually install NVSE extender. The instructions are in the OPfor NVSE Extender page.
  9. RitualClarity

    Mods and Money!?

    That depends on how well and easy it is to mod and if ... it can be modded to the point that most at LL want to mod (if it isn't only a CC mod requirement only.) I will wait a long time before buying that game if there is any issues r/t modding. And then even if there are mods, they will have to mature before I buy another Fallout game. it took a very long time to get Fallout 4 half way decent in the mod area. (tools and such)
  10. RitualClarity

    Sexout Breeder

    There will be many conflicts... many, many conflicts. The nature of SOB is so that there are so many changes to the game that conflicts are a guarantee not a maybe. You can try to use a merged patch with the conflicted mod below (installed after) SOB and see if it helps, but it could break that part of SOB. Edit... the issue is too complex to do a merged patch or other easier solutions (for newer users and mod authors) to solve.
  11. RitualClarity

    Mod Rewards on Nexus?

    No he didn't... It was his evil C P U clone.. lol
  12. RitualClarity

    Mod Rewards on Nexus?

    Had the backups to the backups... however, never checked them and they were corrupted as well due to the memory error. ... and yes, CPU's profile pic is a cool change
  13. RitualClarity

    Mod Rewards on Nexus?

    I did the same. However, my motherboard's memory was corrupt/ bad without my knowledge. When I reworked many of the mods for easier navigation and coping them to another drive for backup, I had somewhere along the line corrupted them. Well most of them. I have been able to find some of the old mods but many are gone for good. Maybe it was your clone....
  14. RitualClarity

    Sexout Tryout

    That is a sign that you are missing something required. The suggestion above is the first step I would check/recheck.
  15. RitualClarity

    SexoutNG - Stable Release '97

    I haven't used MO2 for FNV so not sure if that might not contribute to your issue. Perhaps someone can chime in on this aspect.