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  1. RitualClarity

    Bugging Issues

    Before you get too deep into the install. I would suggest that you install FOMM in the root of the drive. .. for example C:/FOMM. Then reinstall those few mods you shown us above and then add Sexout SEX to test your setup. The way you have FOMM setup you might have to run it as an administer which isn't advisable. (the last part came from one of the maintaners of FOMM) YOu should have a functional system then you can continue... I'd only work those files on SCR thread and then the SCR Resources Tutorial then finally Sexout Store to test the Resources to be sure they work. THEN, start to install other stuff.
  2. I am currently playing a bit of Fallout 4... Found a preset and worked to install it. Not my usual play through... Nuka Girl... lol. Seriously.. there is a preset and I am playing that one. (slightly tweaked. She was Nuka Girl when she was a teen, got money and helped pay for her law school and later aided in her meeting her husband... (Troop entertainment when she was 18+) Now she is currently trying to gain her bearings, has jack for any fighting skills, high charisma and intelligence and that is about all. Of course having a hard time. Later with her development and other situations and such, she will start to realize she is an advanced Synth. Will she follow her programing and follow and be "Father" and do his bidding or will she break from her programing and become member of Freedom Railroad... ? Who knows. Particuarlly if I continue this ... I will have a bit of fun and a reason to go to Nuka World.. get the suit..The gun and pose by a billboard etc of Nuka girl.. lol. http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Nuka-Girl_rocketsuit http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Thirst_Zapper What... I am a complex alien and need complex stories.. WE all KNOW HOW COMPLEX BETHESDA WRITING IS... Edit.. went back and used an alternate start and she is now an escaped Synth... lol She went to Covedent in her synth outfit... answered the questions in a way that I was sure would trigger a positive result... and then when she seen the dr.. she was in the outfit as well. lol..
  3. RitualClarity

    Bugging Issues

    The MCM... is for configuration of the mods. I believe he should be able to use Sex key and call an act. We aren't at the point where he will be configuring settings. It is a soft requirement. At this point... he has nothing really installed. Those mods aren't stressful enough to need NVAC ... (At this point) and he can test with what he has in my opinion. I have ran a basic bare bones Sexout without any NVAC for years... He is having basic problems with getting the mods to work not issues with crashing if I remember correctly. Another soft requirement along with CASM s well once we get a functional system running. however, I haven't been using it for some time now so if that has changed I wouldn't know. If that is the case sorry. I am seriously out dated here. Fortunately I have years of experience with testing and bug testing and setup and even a tutorial or two under my belt to be of some use. Also make sure you have the NVSE itself (minus the scripts) installed in the MAIN FOLDER. (where the Fallout NV exe is located.) not the Data folder. Just covering the basics since we are doing a complete rebuild of your NV game. There is an excellent tutorial by BruceWayne linked in my sig below that covers basic installatoin and setup of Sexout itself. Also, another poster made me remember the following: Where is FOMM installed? It needs to be at the root or anywhere outside of the Windows Programs folders (or any other protected folder like that.)While at it... which OS are you using... ? (for my own info , I wonder if FOMM works well with Windows 10) Once we have a good base Sexout we can move to SCR... That is if @Dragons Unleashed wishes to continue. @Dragons Unleashed @dborg2 is an excellent mod author and trouble shooter and gives excellent advice and assistance as well. Between the two of us (and other skilled people if they join) you should be able to get your Mojave sex on!
  4. RitualClarity

    Bugging Issues

    This is what you have in FOMM. (not using an other manager.) and not in the Resource folder. Correct?
  5. RitualClarity

    Bugging Issues

    yes, @dborg2 is accurate. Also in your case I would strongly recommend that you make a backup of the folder you created so that you won't have to recreate it again. This can be independent of the rest of your issues you might have. Once created it can be installed and re-installed again and again as needed. The PDF has much more details as well if you need that level of assistance. You can post clarifying questions if you run into any on that thread (for SCR Resource creation of course) or this one. Keep in mind I don't currently and haven't had a current install for some versions of Sexout now so I have only limited knowledge of details related to changes. The mods you have installed look about right. Now just choose some mod to get the sex act working to make sure you are good to go, Then you can continue with Sexout. Common Resources. (Not sure if you still need the BNB Body Extender compatible (skeleton) I believe it is installed with Sexout bodies but not sure in any case it can be useful later if you have a body issue as you can reinstall it and get it to work properly again. some mods come with skeletons included and this fucks up your game. ) Once you are ready and verify that you have no problems with a clean system and Sexout, post back. Hopefully someone will be ablle to help with the SCR install and resources if I am not around.
  6. RitualClarity

    ARES Androids for Fallout 4

    We understand the frustration. We truly do. However, it doesn't help the matter coming in and being hostile/negative. You want info on the project and a different POV or whatever, it can be asked. I or someone else would have responded to give you a second opinion. Also... if you read back and see the attacks and attacks and attacks on the mod author and @Trykz and this project again and again you would understand why such a response is given. It isn't being a troll. It is being supportive to someone that has been attacked repeated by said trolls. Your response made you seem like that very same "dirty troll".. I am glad that you are not and it is only a miss understanding. This is the source of my statement. I took what was posted as something that wasn't nice considering someone was attacking a project that someone that wasn't even the owner of said mod was trying to work hard at getting it completed. Please understand... both you and he is new with very few post and interactions with the community. There isn't much to show if someone is just being an ass or if they are normally nice and just being bothered and upset at something they want so badly taking so long at being released and the post is just a one off comment not reflective of their normal responses. Most might not understand this but creating a Race mod in Fallout 4 is quite difficult. Those that managed to complete this (elsewhere) should be greatly commended for their hard work and dedication and figuring out how to get this done, however, different people work at different time frames.. Also, this project was expecting someone else to help with various aspects and was delayed due to unforeseen absence of DJ. Out of respect (if you read the previous pages) there was an attempt to get in contact with DJ before continuing.. this put a major delay on the project before it was started again. So yes, it will seem like it is taking FOREVER but it is moving again.
  7. RitualClarity

    Sex Assault

    What I have. I don't have mods installed. I do however have the script extender and FNVedit installed. It is safe to delete the loose folders and files in the Data folder keep the esm, BSA, Nam files. Then delete everything but FalloutNVlauncher, FalloutNV (both files) and Data on your main folder. Then verify cache that should remove all the loose crap you don't need. I strongly suggest at this point to create a focused thread for support you need. I don't feel it is right for me to continue discuss items outside of Sexassult and your issues with getting your game running here. If you create one post a link here for me to see and check. (as well as any others that might want to help)
  8. RitualClarity

    Sex Assault

    Nobody has it uploaded anywhere else as it contains Nexus assets that we don't have permission to do so with. However, If I remember correctly there is a torrent for the loverslab content on the SCR main page. It should have anything that you find on LL on that torrent. Also, the file is HUGE, FRICKING HUGE when created. A nuke and reinstall .. test the game to be sure it works well without any mods.. then start with simple setup. Sexout and its requirements (NvSE, NvSE, NX extender) and one mod like Sexkey or something like that to be sure that part works. you will have the bodies, and scripts needed to work a basic sexout call. Then start on SCR Resources following my tutorial... then add an SCR mod and test.. (Sexout Store would work well) Once that is working then start adding mods (after you backup) Shouldn't be having this much troubles.
  9. RitualClarity

    ARES Androids for Fallout 4

    No it doesn't need to be addressed. You have no vested interest in this mod. Don't like what is being done or the speed of the progress, move along. your input isn't needed. Also FYI, it would help if you understood what you were talking about when you state things. @Trykz covers that part in good detail. The old rule applies... if you can't say something nice.. don't say anything at all. Can't understand why someone wants to waste their time posting and talking crap about a mod that they have some issues with. Shame you don't have something better to do with your time.
  10. Well didn't do much in the way of help. You figure it out your self. lol but thanks.
  11. Or just check the installed file you have in MO and see it is wrong and fix it. Why give up the benefits of a manager that works when the issue is what was done by you? I use to many mods in Fallout 4 now to not use a manager (before I manually did it as well) TOO much work manual that way.
  12. RitualClarity

    Sex Assault

    It should be able to uninstall your files. Double check your game files to be sure it is clean and nothing is left over just in case.
  13. RitualClarity

    Sex Assault

    IN my spoiler there is a guide to get your SCR Resource folder setup. Follow that correctly and you will have all the available clothing etc needed. YOu don't need a different skeleton or even bodies if you use the ones provided to you by Sexout. If you are having problems remove the others ones and reinstall Sexout (to get the animations again as well) and select the male option and leave it at that. Cover the SCR resources folder creation and you should be good. ... Note there is one set of outfits (dresses) that aren't available anymore on the net. It is floating around here somewhere. other than those you will be much closer to getting your game working. This is about all the suggestions I can give. hope that helps.
  14. RitualClarity

    Fomm - Custom Build -

    Never had it installed in Program section. Might be the cause? The only time I ever had an issue with the manager was when my temp files were too full.
  15. I had a problem with missing animations before. It ended up being that they were installed wrong. (MO2) once I made sure they were installed correctly they worked. As far as I experienced the animations work from the start. I can't remember all the mods (Atomic Lust was included) I tested in the beginning but Nora and Nate has a very active life before the vault All I tried worked. That is about all I can suggest. Hope that helps.