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  1. Here is something similar, but it's a different mod I searched for bathing in skyrim for skyrim se and i couldn't find one either
  2. Looking for a mod that converts "Dirt and Blood" overlays to racemenu overlays kinda like this mod
  3. Thanks man will try that out been a busy couple of days
  4. So you can tell a story and roleplay not just go out and get wrekt every time
  5. A mod that asks for consent even in mods like sl defeat.
  6. So there are no forced stuff in the game Maybe something like the privacy mod but asks you for consent instead?
  7. So it doesn't get removed when you do iron skin or any other effect and stays consistent for maximum IMMERSION I saw one somewhere, not sure if it was a keep it clean mod or a dirt and blood mod
  8. Yup that is it..Thanks.. it has a pretty confusing MCM layout tho..If i didn't wanna get approached i should just go level 4 right?
  9. I have that mod but that ain't it.. You can reject the approach in that mod.. I just removed that mod for testing and an npc approached me with "look,a free f**k,service me"
  10. Trying to do a semi realistic playthrough but it breaks my immersion when npcs just come up to you and say "service my cock slut" or something and theres no option to turn them down without a fight or them getting their way or adding more devices(i have the collars from sl survival equipped if that helps)
  11. Grrrr those consoles ruin another day for gaming
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