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  1. > That is also true. My wife Eva wrote about this problem in her diaries. That is other side of the same coin. I was underpaid, cheated, mistreated because the law protects evil and greedy employers. But I will not judge those who went to the West searching for better life. That's why I ensured that our employees gets fair wages with full social and health insurance and one day off in the week which I never had when worked in and out of season.
  2. Excellent work Spy. Too bad shadowmere survived. As for Cass, she is cute and lovely as always. I wish Astrid survived so she would have final fight with Cass. Much compliments for fingering scene. That was awesome and funny how Cass denied.
  3. Mister Wanobi, will you stop making me thrilled with your episodes (just joking). This is excellent episode and I felt bad about Mara priest who hung himslef. Damn succubus. Many praises for everything: screenshots, effects, story and good looking girls.
  4. Every year our government complains that our people doesn't want to work during summer season calling them lazy bums. It is true that our people don't want to work during summer season because only a fools and very desperate people will slaving for minimal wage working 10-12 hours a day in catastrophic conditions. Even social security checks are higher than wages. I was one of the desperate for the job several years ago and I know what I'm talking about. 90% of employers do not cover the rest of the minimum that government pays because the government takes 80% of everything that employer earned. So, dear minister of work and tourism. stop fucking complain and pay the fair wages, lower the taxes and fees. Unlike you who is overpaid for not showing in the parliament where you suppose to be not to warm your fatty ugly ass, many people who are underpaid must be on their jobs because they will get fired and they will hardly find another job. One more thing: If anyone goes on vacation to Dubrovnik, do not buy daily parking ticket that coast 1200 Kuna. It's thievery. Daily parking ticket should not be higher than 150 Kuna.
  5. See you all more often after 1th of August.

    You are all missed very much.

    Until than, do what Malicija and Stranger are doing daily ;)




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    2. Jayomms


      I just saw this video about the wood elves and just remembered what Stranger probably had to run away from or at least get away for crazy bosomer traditions. :O





    3. Elf Prince

      Elf Prince

      Thank you guys. Love you.

      @Tirloque - Can't wait to see your next episode. I hope you will be fair to Stranger because it's not his fault that me and Ivy teasing Malicija. :)

    4. Tirloque


      @Elf Prince

      Malicia : « I'm not fair, I'm ginger. G I N G E R, you see ? So if he wants a fair lady he can travel back to Whiterune and ask if there's any cow at the inn. Or go the club watch very old movies alone. :classic_sleep: »

  6. I still miss you and love you very much, dad.


    In memorial





    1. Jayomms




    2. Tirloque


      Praised be the honorable men of the past, may they be remembered.

    3. winny257


      I remember as if it were yesterday.



  7. How many more kids have to die because of fucking irresponsible parents who ignores warning: DO NOT LEAVE CHILDREN IN THE CAR ALONE!!! Every year dozen of children dies in locked cars during the summer in our city because their parents think they will do their things faster without them. Well, they fucking wouldn't! I beg you: if you have a child or children: DON'T LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR EVEN FOR ONE MINUTE BECAUSE THAT MINUTE CAN EASILY TURN TO 10 MINUTES OR MORE AND IT CAN BE DEADLY FOR THEM.
  8. 130b8641b5527ad80f771c82a30e551b.jpg.8790f899ae8748567bb74bebe0f09ba3.jpg

    1. Jayomms


      Well said or picked in this case. :wink::thumbsup:

  9. Excellent entry Crw. Enjoyed very much and the sex scene was pleasant surprise at the end. Didn't know Delphine likes to be called bitch during the sex.
  10. Very trilled. Excellently done. Disagree with @Tirloque about balance in sparring and erotica and agree with Eva that sex scene should be longer.
  11. Thank you fro wonderful entry. You did a great job and sex scene was excellent.
  12. She is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks.
  13. Very good entry, Spy. Love the dialogue in the dark brotherhood shack. Astrid is very dangerous and I was surprised when Cass defeated her. I think she also wants to have fun with Cass after she drugged her. Why she would touch her breasts otherwise? Compliments.
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