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  1. Elf Prince

    Good bye

    OK, guys, I will be straight with you. The time came for me to leave LL for good. The reason for this decision lays in several reasons: I am not active at all, I do not help anyone with anything because I do not play Skyrim or/and any other game, coming to LL is obligatory to me and sometimes is frustrating and burdening. I know I promised my dad that I will continue his legacy on LL, but I simply can't. My private life; job, family and children consumes 99% of my time which I'm sure my father will understand. He loved LL just like I did but unlike him who had a lot of time, I do not have. My
  2. Elf Prince


    Agree with everything said above and with Eva's post the most
  3. Hey, Residan, new Gwinolda looks cute but as some cute guy. Eva was right. If you want to convince me that he is she, you better show me her body. Until than, she is he for me.
  4. Is it Maylin? She submitted to Stranger that you call Adam as it was his original name? Wooow.
  5. Thank you Residan. If I remember well she wanted to kill Dibella mother.
  6. Me, dangerous? Honey, you are deluted. I'm full of love especialy for redheads See by yourself:
  7. Thank you. We are glad you liked our stories.
  8. Not only Stranger.I like her very much. My witches too. She is extremly beutiful.
  9. Thanks trilog. It was Ivy's idea to make some indirect entry as you say. We did it together. Malicija missed to say that Stranger loved Caramel only rosted
  10. Elf Prince


    Agree with avbove sayings
  11. Stranger is little always horny wood elf. He is the happiest when he have sex. But, he was also in love with several Skyrim ladies. He was rejected and betrayed most of the time but there was one girl in Skyrim that returned her love to him. She is @SpyVsPie's Cassidy: Few other's like @djregs Andreja, @ResdaynGwynolda, @Crw's Sinetica, @Jay-Omms Maylin, @Alter Native's Nora and @Devianna's Kiki simply humiliated him in various ways. Let us look what they said to him: And the last but no
  12. You can defend yourself from my praises but it will not help you Ivy and I trilled with both of them so shut p and enjoy in s as your fans
  13. Yes it is and yes he does
  14. O noooooooooooooooooo. Is it invasion of redheads? Nice work Residan.
  15. Hi to you too. You can't follow anyone at the present. You might do it in the future but it depends on Ashal.
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