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  1. Elf Prince

    Euthanasia - would you do it?

    Exactly. It's not that we can't afford for my "vegetating", but it's a only for short period of time, few months. I stated to Eva and Ivy: "I don't want you to waste the money on me being in pain, immobile, vegetating. That money can be spent on much useful things and people: our future children."
  2. Elf Prince

    Euthanasia - would you do it?

    AMEN to that! Thanks resydan
  3. 67ff1b36e9804736fde88e13f405ee6c.jpg.c97dcfce4366a4af11a17e420e7b0794.jpg

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    2. Tirloque


      What better source for a prince to learn than an emperor ?


      « What’s does irritates you ? People’s wickedness ? Think on this doctrine,—that reasoning beings were created for one another's sake; that to be patient is a branch of justice, and that men sin without intending it. Count all those who, until know, after having hated to death, pierced by spears, are laying in their tombs and reduced to ashes— and calm yourself at last ! »

      Marcus Aurelius, Meditations IV-3


      (NB : "wickedness" could also be translated by "misbehavior", depends on the translator)

    3. Elf Prince

      Elf Prince

      Trilog, my friend, no need for worries. Nothing troubles me.. Have no plan to harm anyone or to revange :) 

      Consider that as a kind of prayer before I go to work. It reminds me that every act, mine and others' has consequence, nothing else :)

    4. Resdayn


      A nice thought Prince, I hope you will act a bit carefully :) 

  4. Elf Prince

    Euthanasia - would you do it?

    - no, no, I fine, thanks for asking. I fully recovered and my stub wound doesn't hurt me. I had a simple conversation with my witches this morning about "what if...". I said that if I ever become invalid chained to the wheel chair or to the bed I want them to euthanize me. I don't want to spend our money on wasting my lost life. It's too expensive and no one has benefits from it but troubles and problems.
  5. Elf Prince

    Lost in Translation. I

    Very nice story Hat lady. I died laughing when Siriel grabbed the troll for the second round. I think he regretted fucking her in the sleep.
  6. Elf Prince

    Euthanasia - would you do it?

    I completely agree with @Rhasyel and @dharvinia As for you @Tirloque I would do it for you as my friend if you ask me. As for @TheWhite I would do it wilth pure pleasure covering all expenses even for the funeral and will cover plane, train, boat, bus tickets to her friends and relatives to come and rejoice pardon, to moan ..... I always mix those two words.
  7. Elf Prince

    Sex in the front of the children?

    "Who are my Ivy and Prince?" If you check their (eva's and Prince's) profiles, you will know who they are.
  8. Elf Prince

    My husband as Nord in Skyrim

    You made me laugh so hard with your comment and the anime gif. But, Eva told me that Resydan and I probably went to far teasing you about Malicija and horses and that we should stop. I agree. I will stop it. My apologies if I crossed the line my friend.
  9. That's wonderful and thanks again. I just became your follower. because your blog is very useful.
  10. Elf Prince

    My husband as Nord in Skyrim

    Hahahahhaha. And Resydan will make the story "Malicious Malicija with two and half horses" Hhahahhahhahhah . Oh, my god, I'm dying laughing.
  11. Elf Prince

    My husband as Nord in Skyrim

    2 and 1/2 horses idea Inspired by:
  12. Elf Prince

    Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

    Hahahahahaha ... you read my mind ... I loooove those "unusual" relationships
  13. Elf Prince

    Looking Sullen

    She is gorgeous. Love her body a lot and the tattoo.
  14. Thanks for the instructions. Good to know these tricks when I start to play Skyrim again,