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  1. Thank you. Unlike all other animations, yours do not "follow" SL animation length settings. They are running their own length. Maybe I will not use a proper phrase since I do not speak English well, but it looks like your animations' time settings aren't "synchronized" with SL animation settings.
  2. - Couldn't sleep much, but it inspired me to finish the idea I already have for this episode.
  3. Very well done! Compliments!
  4. @RohZima - I downloaded your fixed version. All animations works fine except poop animations. Still camera problem. And not complain but desire: stages are two short. If I extend the time for your animations in SL, than animations from other animators are too long. Can you, please, extend time in stages?
  5. Elf Prince

    Adrea: Bad Bunny

    Don't worry, my friend. All is fine. beside several words I didn't understand on few picture I didn't get the point even with translation. I realized it is cultural thing/humor that is different from ours (or maybe only mine). Nevertheless, I liked the story in general.
  6. - Thanks crw. Do you realize that your Rose is redhead too and that she also enjoy in forbidden pleasure with horses? (Just easing you)
  7. - What?!?!? I didn't name any redhead! Thanks for the compliment.
  8. - Stranger will become the new inquisitor on women who fucks with horses. He'll eat horses and fuck women.
  9. - Nords women (except redheads) rides horses "properly and they fuck wood elves properly.
  10. - Jesus dharvinia, you just revealed a spoiler from my next episode.
  11. image1.jpg.7d020f8ab9e0ade07909a5195e507950.jpg


    For Malicija: Invitation for cookies making


    1. Tirloque


      Malicia : « I don't cook shit, no ! Plus I'm not evil from hell !


                    And I'm not chinese either. :classic_sleep: »

    2. EvalovesEP


      Must admit: I'm very curious why my Ivy post messages on your wall. She doesn't want to tell me although she can't hide her naughty smile. :)

    3. Elf Prince

      Elf Prince


      - You made me laugh hard, @Tirloque. Thanks for that. :)

      Please, forgive me for invading your private space. I couldn't resist to tease you. It's Eva's fault. She likes you too much and she made me likes you too. And this is the way I express my likeness. :D


      @EvalovesEP - I hope your curiosity is satisfied now.

  12. Elf Prince

    Adrea: Bad Bunny

    We do, but my English is poor and I didn't understand some dialogues.
  13. Pictures in first spoiler and of the nature is fantastic.
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