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  1. - Love the story and I laughed hard on the pictures in the second spoiler.
  2. Elf Prince

    Skyrim lesson number 109.

    - Thanks. Yes, Ivy will always make his life "interesting". No, Stranger didn't know about its purpose. He loot it somewhere and he liked the color of the stone. Next episode will be about their wedding in Riften.
  3. Elf Prince

    Skyrim lesson number 109.

    - I was thinking to change Ivy's outfit into the one that Aela wears, but my husband says he likes to watch her long sporty legs, so I kept it. I don't mind Ivy being naked all the time but than I have a problem with arousal in SLEN mod (constant sex which I don't mind to) but I have to upgrade her swords and outfit.
  4. Elf Prince

    Skyrim lesson number 109.

    Nord women doesn't accept "No" as the answer. Think twice about what you gonna say.
  5. Elf Prince

    Skyrim lesson number 108.

    That's is the point of the lessons: make readers wonder what would happen after they read the lesson first. I was thinking the same but since we do not have bestiality mod installed and as my husband explained to me that sex with Dwemers belongs to that category, I couldn't go in that direction.
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    1. EvalovesEP


      I see it as the problem of new psychological teachings. Just for example. I watched TV recently, the children channel and there was a message at the end of "grandma's stories" for the children: "Children, always help animals in troubles".  The story she have read to children wasn't about animals at all. That message repeats several times during the day. It is completely opposite what my parents taught me and Prince's parents taught him: "Always help other children." 

  7. Elf Prince

    MilkySLAL - January Update

    Thank you for the info. Much appreciated.
  8. Elf Prince

    Skyrim lesson number 108.

    Sometimes you will meet ancient creatures called Centurions. You don't have to fight them. Use magic words. It's 100% effective.
  9. Elf Prince

    Vortex Mod Manager

    Vortex 0.17.3 is out Fixes, improvements and features: Fixes, improvements and features from 0.17.2: (Recommended to read it. Lot of things changed)
  10. Elf Prince

    MilkySLAL - January Update

    I don't know is is my browser, but Preview blog doesn't open and there is message beneath that no blog entry was made.
  11. Elf Prince

    Cass Player Two Skin, ENB tweaks.

    You did a great jobs with the boots too. As for ENB thanks for willingness to help. I had no idea you have SE.
  12. Elf Prince

    Happy Valentine

    For all who likes female redguard race: HAPPY VALENTINE!
  13. Elf Prince

    Motion Blur Tutorial

    No wonder why your blog is so perfect You take a lot of time for every single picture. Unfortunately, my wife, Ivy have no time for such things and me too. that's why our blog entries is minimalist. Add "slow learners" to it, and you get what you see. Thanks for the tutorial anyway.
  14. Elf Prince

    Cass Player Two Skin, ENB tweaks.

    Wooooooow! Marvelous! I envy you for having such a great pictures. Listen, my friend, I would be very grateful if you can PM to me your ENB settings when you would have time. I love bright and clean pictures as your and I try to do the same for Ivy but whatever I do I can never get it right, even after hours of studying various tutorials that makes me confused since many of them saying different things for getting same results. BTW - My fetish on stocking worked again. Those pictures were hot! This picture is my favorite. She is too cute.
  15. Elf Prince

    Skyrim lesson number 107.

    Honesty is not very well received in Skyrim. Especially among Nords who are very proud on their customs and tradition. Don't try to change it.