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  1. Elf Prince

    Vortex Mod Manager

    I see. I don't have those two mods in my game. Well, I do have one, but Zaz 7.0. Did you see and "red bell" beside the mods? You can check for errors. I support your decision to return to NMM and MO for now. I kept my NMM beside Vortex and I'm using Vortex for testing purposes.
  2. Making decision to change sometimes requires unusual methods :) 






  3. Elf Prince

    Sims 4 Screenshot collection 2

    One thing I never approved and liked in Sims 3 was getting fatter. And making them stop was hell of the job even with mods. I didn't know that S4 has similar problem. Damn EA.
  4. Elf Prince

    Verelle: Bird Witch Gorl Thing

    I love her face a lot and I mean a lot. Your screenshots are awesome too. The only thing that I think doesn't fit her is those type of ears. I personally prefer pointed ears but standing straight up. No, I'm not criticizing you, I'm just sharing my opinion.
  5. Elf Prince

    Vortex Mod Manager

    - Interesting since all the mods from LL works for me after importing and I'm talking about 30-40 LL mods even outdated ones. Would you, please post your error or any log that you receive after unsuccessful installation. If the mods worked in NMM or MO, they should work in Vortex. So, try to reinstall them and post eventual message here or at the Github. Registration is free.
  6. Elf Prince

    Vortex Mod Manager

    Vortex 0.16.9 is out (pre-release) Fixes, improvements and features: Download: https://github.com/Nexus-Mods/Vortex/releases
  7. Elf Prince

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    I stopped watching TV. The reportage I saw today pissed me off so much that I broke it in pieces. You can hate me for saying this and I don't care: FUCK ALL who neglect, reject and deny own child driving it out of home because they loves their fucking stinking pet more than own child. Poor 8 year old kid lived on the streets for months eating the food from trash. I wish his parents and all who did the same to their kids to die in long and most terrible pains that exist and can be imagined. Such despicable creatures do not deserve to live. If I will ever meet them (they live in our capitol) I will break all their bones and kill their fucking stupid stinking dog.
  8. Elf Prince

    Vortex Mod Manager

    Thank you. Well, my English was improved thanks to mister Psalam.
  9. Elf Prince

    Vortex Mod Manager

    1. My experience with latest Vortex is that drag and drop doesn't work for the mods that are dragged from any NMM 0.56.+. D&D works from any NMM version after 0.63.+ 2. Vortex sorts and merging mods but I use integrated LOOT in Vortex, just like FNIS, Tes5Edit, Wryebash and some other programs. This is inherited from NMM. 3. I can't tell you if it can install ENB and SKSE for two reasons: one is that I always install those two manually, a second, I just started to use Vortex and I'm still learning. I'm not Vortex guru. Rather rookie Maybe someone installed those two mods and will answer to you. I didn't. Sorry.
  10. Eva made me do it. She said she is in big mood to tease you, but she want to do it using me or no honey-honey tonight.



    1. Tirloque


      "And he saw that that was good", also says the text. In otherwords, gods saw the redheads were good, so he had even more reasons to take a day off. ^^


      Malicia : « Say hi to Eva for me Prince ! You can honey-honey now. :classic_sleepy: »


    2. Elf Prince

      Elf Prince

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaa. Thanks buddy. :)

    3. EvalovesEP


      Hi there, mister Trilog. :D

      I was thinking about you recently and I said to my Prince that I have to tease you but if I do it directly it won't be so fun. So I told him what to do. ;) BTW - telling him that he won't get honey-honey if he doesn't do it was a mere joke. I would never do that to him. Because I love honey-honey too.

  11. Elf Prince

    Restitched: The Complete Series

    Damn it Collygon, you always ashamed me with your perfect page setup and the look Behave or I wills stop making blogs Jokes aside as Trilog always says: Excellent work man. Compliments.
  12. Elf Prince

    Vortex Mod Manager

    List of Vortex pre-releases and releases - 0.16.8 - https://www.nexusmods.com/about/vortex/ - 0.16.9 (pre-release) -https://github.com/Nexus-Mods/Vortex/releases
  13. Elf Prince

    Vortex Mod Manager

    Vortex mod manager is the product of a Nexus team that combines the best of MO (Mod Organizer) and NMM (Nexus Mod Manager) plus having some new elements that neither manager had. It was in Alpha stage for a long time and finally, on October, 9, it evolved into a Beta mod manager. It supports more than 40 games. The first Beta release is 0.16.8 and it is available for download on two sites; Nexus and Github (for those who doesn’t visit the Nexus site for any reason). The Github site often has earlier prereleases than Nexus. This thread has the purpose of informing anyone interested about Vortex development, to share our own experiences, disappointments, praise, opinions and similar ideas but in a civilized and cultured way. You can freely praise or attack the product as much as you like, but, please, DO NOT attack or insult each other in this thread. Any insult, attack or offense of any member of this community will be reported to the moderator. This is a WIP thread and I will try to update this thread promptly but can not promise I will always be here due to many obligations in private life (job, pregnant wife and similar stuff). However, anyone is welcome and invited to participate in developing this thread. Please, share your problems and solutions, help others if you can. If some update is out and you don’t see me on LL for some time, feel free to post info about the update. If it happens that this thread didn’t cover certain problem, you can open this site: https://help.nexusmods.com/article/97-who-is-vortex-for-why-should-i-switch-to-vortex-what-is-different or this site: https://github.com/Nexus-Mods/Vortex Now, before I give you basic info about how to install it and how to use it, I kindly ask for help with my English. Many of you know that it is not my native language and if you find any grammatical or/and typing errors, please, PM to me and I will correct it. Thank you. Vortex download on Nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/about/vortex/ Vortex download on Github: https://github.com/Nexus-Mods/Vortex/releases MOST IMPORTANT!!! BEFORE INSTALLING VORTEX MAKE A COPY OF YOUR MODS FOLDER!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Second: Vortex WILL NOT import any mod from NMM older than 0.63 version. If you have older version and want to import the mods in Vortex, you have to upgrade mod manager, disable or uninstall mods and then use "Import from" function. Beginners guide #1 by Gopher: Beginners guide #2 by Gopher: *** Many thanks to @Psalam for help in my English grammar. If you have no time to watch both Gopher's videos, here is the short description how I installed Vortex. Note: I was NMM user (0.65.10) and this tutorial is for ex NMM users. I suppose that installation of Vortex is the same for MO users or very similar to NMM users. If you aren't sure, check Gopher's video tutorials because he covers both, NMM and MO users.
  14. Elf Prince


    May I contact you via PM about one personal request?