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  1. I didn't know Ivy is a singer with a song made for you... ;) 


  2. Excellent work. I still love Nora very much. I think I can understand why is she the way she is but I will not write it because I might be misunderstood. However, I love her and I like her
  3. Thank you very much Jay. I'm glad you like it.
  4. hahahahahahahah, Dev, you rule. You are the only one beside me who like Malicioza. Thank you very much for you compliments and encouragement.
  5. Excellent episode. My favorite part is the scene dressed as maid.
  6. No, I'm afraid I didn't. This is the closest I can get the sword to body. It came closer to the body after installing latest skeleton. But still couldn't solve it suing Manipulator or T5E. Please, see the pictures.
  7. Something went wrong with Skyrim and my husband is trying to find out what it is. Until he fix it I can't continue with my story, but I'm still practicing using face expressions and poses. I was inspired for another side short story.
  8. Being a redhead is your kryptonite and you can't do anything about it except color your hair into some other color. Don't forget to repaint your big red bush too
  9. We were just talking about hiring a maid. Sophie fulfills all requirements. Expecting to see her tonight on the first (sex) interview.
  10. Thank you for explanation. My friend, I don't know why but Eva and I have a problem of understanding your English. I'm not saying it is your fault- There are few more people on LL whose English is hard for us to understand and we have to ask for explanation. Sorry if we a cross to you sometines
  11. G. is gorgeous as always. Very nicely done Residan. I know you wanted to say someting to Trilog's Malicija in the last picture and I did it for you
  12. The doctor checked my foot this morning and he says I can return to my job tomorrow and continue to practice martial arts. I'm very happy. :)


    Well I can't and don't know to do this:



    BUT I can and know to do this:



    And I learned this:


    1. winny257


      yes, and I only like a sport, this is called in Germany "Matratzen Sport" Mattresses Sport. :classic_laugh:


    2. Elf Prince

      Elf Prince


      I prefer this version of your German sport ;)


    3. winny257


      not everyone has as much luck. :classic_wink:

      but at my age, I'm satisfied with a lady. :classic_laugh:

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