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  1. Elf Prince

    Skyrim lesson number 70.

    -Thank you. I'm glad you like it.
  2. Elf Prince

    Skyrim lesson number 70.

    Hi guys: @worik, @djregs: First two pictures aren't from my game but I found them on the net. Only the last one is from my game. Prince would rather want to see his elf licking her pussy than receiving a blowjob. Well, to bad; Skyrim lessons are mine now.
  3. Elf Prince

    Skyrim lesson number 70.

    - My wife, Eva walk and talk with our husband. I stayed home. I inspire and I make short lesson using Google translator. Every race in Skyrim have different way of welcome strangers. Be careful where you cross the border. Imperial welcome: Stormcloaks welcome: Elf welcome:
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    1. Jayomms


      :mrgreen: Hulk Smash in public like you guys. 🤭;)

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      oh so true i still feel like young 20 years old somedays hehe, play console games or just watch good movie. 👍

  5. Elf Prince

    Chapter 18/2 All change is not growth

    Well, I forgive you because you were under Trilog's influence and his redhead Malicija who are weak on redheads We all know that Synetica is main actor of your story.
  6. Elf Prince

    Chapter 18/2 All change is not growth

    Awesome episode ... you just redeemed yourself posting my gorgeous Synetica. She is too awesome. Story is excellent too and I didn't expect such Rose's end. Thanks for lesbian scene in the last part too. Thumbs up.
  7. Elf Prince

    “I hate f****** Christmas!”

    - Let me tell you something. That kid was some 15-16 years old and he has no manners. just like you and I didn't have in his age. I wouldn't blame (only) parents for kid's behaving because many of them don't know what their children do outside the home. I saw his father's reaction when my husband talked to him. His face rather said:"Are we done? I'm bored". I doubted he will have serious talk to his son. For if he was serious the kid wouldn't say to us: "Kiss my ass, Ken and Barbie." There is no respect. I support my husband reaction 200% and I promise you that if your baby was hurt or damaged by the firecracker explosion, both, father and the kid will be heavily beaten, not by my husband, but by me and you know what I'm capable to do when I'm pissed off because someone hurt you or my husband.
  8. Elf Prince

    Skyrim lesson number 69.

    - Stranger knows nothing about Skyrim's female way of thinking. When they are pissed off, every male should rather stay away and not interfere. He learned his lesson now. -Ivy might not like certain people, but when it comes to sex, she is not "picky" - No. Interestingly enough, I had no CTD when making my lessons. Well, I'm not using poser and that's is a big advantage for the game and me, but not for the readers. -Thank you. My husband doesn't like big boobies, curved, big ass dolls. So he found few mods that makes Skyrim females sporty and slim. Eva and me like it too. - Hahahahahaha. Skyrim women are three times tougher then elven women in Wollenwood.
  9. Elf Prince

    Skyrim lesson number 67.

    Number one reason why nobody hired Ivy was her bad attitude and character. Everyone in Whiterun knew that except Stranger.
  10. Elf Prince

    Skyrim lesson number 68.

    She is his bodyguard, not spouse or lover. But, she was disrespectful to him when he asked her 3 times to go. Ivy is very rebellious, stubborn and hot headed.
  11. Elf Prince

    Skyrim lesson number 69.

    -My husband and I will be busy next 30 days due to Christmas and New Year eves and we will have no time to play games. That's why I made this episode as a Christmas gift to you. If we find the time for playing the games, then my husband, Prince will play witcher 3 and work on the new episode. My Skyrim lessons will continue after the 10th of January next year. P.S. @worik- Sorry, had no time for 69 sex as promised. It will be in the next epsiode If you ever hire another bodyguard, make sure it is not a female and never ever step in between their quarrel.
  12. Elf Prince

    Skyrim lesson number 68.

    That is quite positive approach to his problem and one can see it that way in alternative reality But, Stranger is beaten by vengeful and proud Nords.
  13. Elf Prince

    Skyrim lesson number 68.

    I don't think Ivy would do any peaceful approach than violent or sexual. That is her. She is crazy wild witch
  14. Elf Prince

    Skyrim lesson number 68.

    Than I didn't understand you well, my friend. My apologies.
  15. Elf Prince

    Skyrim lesson number 67.

    My husband, me and our wife agree that there are no perversion in sex. Everything is allowed as long each party agrees to do it and they enjoy in it. Now, According to the most common social standards and standpoints, everything that exceed "normal" (male and female vaginal sex) is perverted. Therefore I'm using the definition of perversion in the context of oral, anal, gay, lesbian, group sex and other type of sex (bestiality, pissing, scatting, BDSM and so on).