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  1. Upon further review KW is causing the lesbian animations that utilize a dildo strapon to block other lesbian animations that are non strapon. I have no idea what Oniki did. And after an exhausting reload and reset session of isolation and bug hunting I'm now confident that the issue has been identified correctly.
  2. I think the XML of this file is in need of updating. I'm using pretty much every animation out there and the animations are not found even when I have the files loaded into KW. What would cause the animations to be recognized and stages to never be found? Is anyone else using Kinkyworld with a lot of animations and running mike's lesbian one? edit: The conflict seems to be with Mike24 and Amra72?!
  3. Hey guys thanks. It was an outfit manager issue.
  4. Does Traveler work with Kinkyworld? I can't remember. Right now all sims do is get locked in the queued action and stand around waiting. I'm using the most recent versions of both mentioned mods, (with others but I think it's those two). My sims are on vacation in Monte Vista, (which really really feels like it could have been a WA location) in a small house. edit: At least 26 views and not a single reply? C'mon guys. You can't ALL be using Passions and never wondered about Kinkyworld while using Traveler.
  5. Yours. That said, has anyone been able to get kinkyworld to work while on vacation using nrass traveller?
  6. This issue is fixed, but later builds as usual introduce new challenges to be tackled. Does anyone recall if the mod works on vacation stays? I have two sims in Monte Vista right now with traveller and kinkyworld related actions cause the sims to just stand there and do nothing.
  7. So I think it's finally time to let go of Awesomemod. I've loved it but I have a stinking feeling that it's squashing some things that I actually want to go on in the background of the game. That said, I'm looking into Nraas and interested in finding out how I can get a very similar experience to running Awesomemod through Nraas alone. Can anyone else who has gone through this or is simply aware of what it will bring chime in here please? What mods should I get from Nraas? I'm setting up a new world now so I'd love to hear your thoughts! Probably the best things about Awesome were being able to switch families on the fly and keeping inventories.
  8. Cool. I'll send the photo over to Oniki and see what she has to say.
  9. I wasn't sure where to begin looking for an answer for this.
  10. I'm having a big of a weird issue with a WTW animation. Should I bring it up here or send a message to the one who updated the code? What should be a single sim animation is showing as a couples animation with one of the sims missing.
  11. Is there a way to track who is pregnant in town with either Kinky or Nraas?
  12. It's a percentage. 5 would be 5% etc. The game checks for sims by themselves as potential targets. You also have to enable Rape in two places iirc. It also can take a while for the rapists to spawn. Be careful, in sparsely populated worlds Rapists can get very powerful. They almost always have mean spirited and mean spirited sims who start fights pretty much always win, which is how an in game rape gets started... Couple that with them also being placed in the criminal track which means the cops will have a hard time with them too the more fights they win and athletics they gain.
  13. Can anyone explain a little bit about the whoring system in kinky world? I have a professional whore and they had a fun time on a public lot, then tried to go to a resort and it completely became borked. I also notice you can register venues as certain things. I registered a dance club and the client went to another dance club instead. Any tips would be nice.
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