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  1. I recently tried removing an add-on, smurfs average, from schlongs of skyrim. I use vortex and did a lot of the preliminary stuff to setting up mods when I redid SOS but I had not known that I needed to remove the add-on first through the MCM menu. I've started a new save, I have tried re-adding the add-on to then remove it via MCM, but no matter what I try I can seem to remove smurfs average schlong from all characters. It causes each character to have two dicks and is solid black with my argonian character.
  2. I apologize for causing so many issues. After much troubleshooting, my friend and I figured out the problem. There was no issue with MO, or the mod. Turns out that with abduction you do need to start a new game. I typically am not a fan of this idea when it comes to mods so I didnt think about it. Thank you for helping me none the less.
  3. So from what I can see, like I said Abduction.esp doesnt install correctly into mod manager. When I open abduction.esp in notpad, its definitely there. My friend says that it might be the mod is looking in the wrong spot? Would you know "where the mod looks for that file." (in his words.)
  4. Im using a windows 10 computer but use Mod organizer since I have lots of difficulty using NMM.
  5. Ive been running into an issue, Ive tried installing the oldest version and the newest. But the spell and perk that you were talking about dont show up. I also have been unable to 'abduct' anyone, sneaking, sleeping, or otherwise. Any thoughts of how to fix this? Oh, I almost forgot, when I install the abduction mod. Mod manager warns me that "abduction.esp was not found", but shows up when I activate the mod. Im not sure if there is a correlation.
  6. hello. i apologize for bothering you at all, but i was actually hoping you still had a mod that you had translated a long time ago, or at least know a way i could download it. It was a mod called Under sewer house mod for Oblivion.

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