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  1. Apologies if I've missed something obvious but I can't seem to trigger the mod unless I ask an npc or use the debug override hotkey. I wanted to use it just for creatures devouring humans but even turning on M/F it never seems to happen. Each requirement is installed and vore seems to work ok if manually prompted.
  2. I eventually uninstalled Maria Eden without NMM crashing which I assume removed the .dll as I don't get the warning on Vortex anymore (I could never find it in the plugins folder). Still the same frustratingly. Sorry I should have added; I installed Vortex shortly before my last post as I had used it on a past PC and was hoping it would detect a problem/missing master that NMM couldn't see.
  3. Ok, think I'm finally getting somewhere. I've installed and loaded my mods into Vortex and getting the following errors. No idea why they would suddenly be a problem, still, I'll try removing these dll's I can see Postmortemtfc.dll however I'm not sure where MESKSEUtils.dll is, I know its related to Maria Eden so I've tried uninstalling however it seems to crash NMM when I try doing that so it stays enabled, just disabling the plugin doesn't work. Anyone know where I can find this? Windows search has failed me 😔
  4. Got a new SSD arriving on Monday so may just do that rb, I'll keep troubleshooting until then. I think the very last thing I did before I couldn't start the game was batch build BBB bodies in bodyslide, uninstalling the mod didn't help however Since disabling every plug in still didn't work I'm now uninstalling mods 7/8 at a time to see if I can find the culprit.
  5. So I tried running without and with (after reinstall) Ecotone, unfortunately no dice Load order you're right about it being a mess. I just realised running the standard launcher (correct me if I'm wrong) doesn't load SKSE so it's no surprise about the SKSE errors 🤦‍♂️
  6. I'll take a look at ENB next, I'm sure this was the same info that displayed when it worked. Pretty sure I've installed SKSE correctly since its just a drag and drop process.
  7. I didn't update SKSE however I decided to reinstall that and racemenu. Still done the same crash however when using the standard launcher and starting a new game I get this message; Thinking the problem may be to do with SKSE however reinstalling or using the old 2.0.17 doesn't seem to work.
  8. Thanks Grey, I tried disabling every plug in yet still the same occurs. so bizarre one thing I have noticed is I can naviagte the menus when running the standard launcher. If I try to load or start a new game it CTDs
  9. When I reinstalled it went there and running LOOT it stayed down there. I recall it being much higher pre-crashing so I moved it manually. 👍
  10. I attempted to reinstall CBBE to fix a minor issue I was having with BBB however it would appear I've broken everything. Launching the game brings up the main menu options then closes a second later. I've reinstalled everything CBBE related as well as XP32MS. ran FNIS etc. I don't think LOOT is working as running it still leaves pivotal mods like CBBE down the load order. My papyrus errors are as follows (disabling pama furniture mods didn't seem to help) followed by my load order. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. I have a strange issue with some 3BBB based outfits, the upper body gets all contorted when crouching and seems to be 'fixed' in certain axis' when moving. I've built in bodyslide and reinstalled 3BBB and all its prerequisites but still seem to have the same issue with outfits like Aradia Kato, Ninian by Sade and Mada,Red Sonja and Astaroth by Zynxx yet other 3BBB's like Outfit of the Confessor (the one in my image) are okay. Does anyone have any idea why this might be? Thanks Sample
  12. Probably best post your load order so we can see what you have installed. By the way that sounds hilarious.
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