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  1. Wooh! Found and fixed the problem! I went into Data/Meshes/Actors/Character/FaceGenData/FaceGeom directory and starting cut/pasting the files into a backup folder. Reloaded my save after moving half the files and basically just kept cutting/pasting/reloading until I narrowed down the cause of the CTD. Turns out it was the FaceGeom meshes for the CraftablePantysCBBEv3M mod. I only have the mod installed for the stockings, so I've basically just deleted the included facegen files for now. They were already converted to SE, but the BSTriShape "FemaleBrowsHuman10" was clearly causing some kind of problem within the meshes.
  2. I'll make that my next go-to and report back with results. Seems downloading the separate Skooma Whore facegeom files in Nomkaz' thread didn't make any difference. Still getting the trishape CTD.
  3. Thanks for the response. The crashes seem to be specific (at present) to Whiterun's exterior. Bear in mind, I'm using Open Cities. I wouldn't be surprised if it is Skooma Whore causing the problem, but I have tried disabling the plugin file and loading the save - still get the CTD. I'm aware it is most likely a head mesh, the name of the trishape is a bit of a giveaway. I'll have to have a look at the two Skooma Whore threads and determine which I downloaded from.
  4. Hello, I'm attempting to track down which of my very numerous installed mods is causing a consistent CTD. I understand from experience that it would normally be a matter of running through a process of elimination, disabling mods until I can find the culprit. Unfortunately, I have 736 active mods at present, and trying to track down which of them includes a specific mesh is going to prove to be a very long process. I know for a fact that this particular crash is caused by a specific mesh. One that includes the following BSTriShape: "FemaleBrowsHuman10" If anyone is able to help me pinpoint which of my installed mods might include the mesh based on the information below, or know of a means to help me track it down, it would be much appreciated! Here is the crash log from NetScriptFramework, including my mod list:
  5. I see. I have noticed that the version I downloaded from the VectorPlexus site stops working if you clean a save using Fallrim Tools. The additional page option disappears from the MCM menu. I'll have to download the new version you've assembled and start a new game. Also, any further updates on where you're at with this?
  6. Yus, please! If Lupine00 permits, this would be awesome - and hopefully take a bit of the pressure off, given all the requests for an SSE version.
  7. Well, shit. Its a damn good start! Given the ability (I'm assuming, based on the initial screenshots of the project) for AAF to have fully colored animations for the banners, I don't really see the need to limit the colors to the old fashioned HUD palette. Heck, if any color will do, and AAF permits one to apply banners to more than just applicable animations - someone dedicated might even be able to colorize all the S.P.E.C.I.A.L HUD icons themselves. As the proverbial cherry on top, it would be great to see a sperm/ovum animation trigger on successful fertilization for pregnancy mods, as you mentioned earlier. But, as implied, I'm not really sure of the limitations of AAF's banner system. A solid effort, so far!
  8. So many awesome possibilities! Having the ability to automatically assign that sort of x-ray stuff to the orgasm stage of any vaginal animation would make things much easier, if it were at all possible.
  9. No worries at all. Just glad someone has taken up the role of maintaining a great mod. I look forward to seeing what comes next.
  10. Ah, I was referring to Fill Her Up XD But always good to hear you've got more lined up for Disparity, I really like your mods :]
  11. I see there has been a recent update to the mod. Awesome news. Is there a changelog available to see what sorts of things have been added/fixed?
  12. Disparity -is- available. I'm using it as we speak. :] User Fish0 released an updated .DLL for the SE version of Lupine00's fantastic mod not too long ago. You can find an SE-ready version I posted here:
  13. Narue (Fertility Mode author) has been asked numerous times about the possibility of implementing multiple pregnancy functionality, and even stated that it would be fairly easy for them to do so. For whatever reason, however, they just don't seem interested. Updates for the mod, in general, seem pretty sparse as well. Beeing Female is buggy, and isn't generally used all that much on SE - at least from what I have gathered on the forums here. Personally, I find the realistic functions of the mod a bit excessive. I can appreciate the inclusion of a fertility cycle and the like, but I'm not really interested in dealing with every single facet of a realistic pregnancy simulation. HP is simple and effective. I've never really cared for the spawning of child actors anyway. Vanilla children are rather hideous looking, contribute little to gameplay aside from "muh immersion", and mostly just take up resources/get in the way. I certainly wouldn't mind the spawning of miniature creatures to help populate the world with more beasties, however - that would be more interesting. I believe there is/was a mod for Beeing Female that allowed the character to actually do that - but it hasn't really been transcribed over to any other mod, and used specific meshes or something for the younger beasts. Also may have been pretty glitchy, from what I recall. There are a couple of other pregnancy mods of course: one being Estrus Chaurus/Spider (but it is obviously very specific to those species) - and another mod whose name eludes me for the moment, but is -very- simplistic, and was made for LE years and years ago and hasn't really ever been updated or anything. Regardless, unless you're familiar with Skyrim's scripting platform, further additions to of any of these mods won't exactly be easy. I've taken a look at the scripts for a bunch of them a few times, but I'm no programmer. Maybe one day, when I can find the time/motivation to actually sit there and familiarize myself with it, I'll give it a shot myself - but yeah, won't be easy.
  14. I have 543 active plugins, and have just hit the 120-odd MCM cap traditionally included with SkyUI. While I don't currently use this mod, I can certainly see it being of some use later on down the track on a new save game. Am currently using another SkyUI extension mod that allows 254 MCMs on alternating pages I found on VectorPlexus' site a few months back (doesn't appear to be listed any more, which is how I found this mod). Merging mods and plugins can be troublesome when using mod managers that can keep track of available updates on Nexus (Vortex). I update my mods regularly, and having to go through the merging process every time I want to update something I included in a merge does not appeal to me. Yeah, a lot of MCMs are poorly titled, this is where Barzing's MCM renaming function would definitely shine. I've gotten pretty well accustomed to just spamming page up/page down on my keyboard to navigate roughly to where I wanna be on the MCM list - but I see some real merit in being able to categorize it. Some examples: Stuffing all the Sexlab mods into one place. Perhaps separating all the mods that deal with various aspects of slavery (Cursed Loot, Devious Devices, Simple Slavery etc.) into their own category. Weather and environmental mods in their own categories. There is potential here.
  15. -UPDATED- July 29 2020 This has been rebuilt with SkyUI 5.2SE - and will not function with later versions of SkyUI if/when released. SkyUI SE -SSeeded.7z Looks like it could be very useful if you have an extensive MCM list from hundreds of installed mods. Give it a whirl and let Barzing know what you think. :]
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