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  1. Hm it seems after a few game restarts the setting is now locked in
  2. Hey I am trying to find a mod that fixes the issues with OCO2, Roberts Male Body Replacer, and the Khajit and Argonian races. Seems the beast races have underwear and texture issues
  3. Lovers With PK or maybe LoversMB2. I downloaded the mod pack that is on the page for the Lovers with PK mod.
  4. Hey everyone like the title says, I have the spectator set to forbidden but she shows up anyway.
  5. They are using the context of "keeping the site safe due to media pressure" to actually make it a paid site that's trying to compete with OnlyFans lol. They fucked over almost all their models except those who work with them in pro-porn. Well there are other sites so fuck 'em.
  6. Defeat is the only one that it works with. I'm trying to find something maybe more casual..
  7. I have MNC and sexlab aroused creatures. The Creature Framework is installed, and creature sex is allowed in Sexlab. All my seduction spells fizzle on animals, Follow Me For Sex doesn't work. I can't use Mass Matchmaker SE because it causes a CTD on launch of Skyrim. Is there a mod that won't block creature animations?
  8. Hello I am trying to find a prostitution mod. Both versions of Radiant are broken. Preferably a mod that just needs that Sexlab Framework
  9. I am getting the following error in fnis: >>Warning: \character\behaviors\FNIS_ZaZAnimationPack_Behavior.hkx not Skyrim SE compatible<<
  10. I'm trying to find a mod that lets me just talk to an NPC to have sex. Dialogues SE is not working
  11. Hey so I followed the installation to a tee yet have no way to initiate sex animations because it won't give me leto's gun. Any suggestions?
  12. Does this work with Morroblivion?
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