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  1. Hello! I have been trying to search here and there for some useful help when it comes to animating with Sims4, but since most tutorials are different and it's generally hard to get a grip of things (for me atleast..) I thought I'd ask you all on here for support. Anything you can help with; human/pet rigs, best animation programs (I have blender rn), best tutorials that you might have created yourself or have learned from, best way to make the sex animation loops smooth and parts 'moving'! How did you learn how to animate? How did you manage to not rage-quit it all...? I'd be so very grateful for any help! <3 Thank you! -Shaz
  2. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I don't have Discord though. Here is the text file. Thank you. Edit: The file upload keeps failing. I will try to send it to you in a PM instead.
  3. Hi Colonel. I have the latest version of WP, and like some others I have a problem where it says there's no animations even though I have four different animations installed. I have re-installed everything, there's no crashes or last exceptions or anything, it just doesn't recognize that I have any animations, so the "start sex with pet" is completely grey /unclickable, and so is any furniture - same no matter what gender the pet is.
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