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  1. I was not wearing an outfit, my character was entirely nude, the moment the character became dangerously pregnant their body, except the head and hands, became like a pale white person.
  2. Appreciate the help with the last problem I had, though it seems a new one has cropped up. When my character is dangerously pregnant, P7, their skin becomes super pale, as in their body except for the head and hands become like a pale white person, and in the case of my black character it is kinda off putting.
  3. So my character was in the process of nourishing with Duke when he suddenly vanished. Did the prid, with proper ID of course, and the moveto player console commands as well as enable right after and he is not appearing.
  4. Well the character at the trading post seems to be working fine now for some reason. But Suzan Wolf is supposed to be wearing a Followers Doctor Coat (P4), just a floating head and hands.
  5. Always been a big fan of this mod, though I do have an issue. For some reason Suzan Wolfe and Lucia at the 188 trading post seem be just a floating head and pair of hands. Not sure what I am missing since I did download and install maternity clothes listed in the file, even summerrags meshfix. What did I miss?
  6. I was wondering if a certain armor has been, or can be, added to the game that looks like whats in the following attachment. I would imagine this would appeal to those who not only like revealing armors for females but one for males as well, showin off them muscular/hairy/manly chests. Perhaps a replacement for imperial armor?
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