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  1. crossfire1616

    Why this?

    not need to change version in Nifskope, just in blender " Import > .nif > do changes > export nif ". i not change any import or export settings, and leave it by default. I can import your model, look picture... Model has too many verts (~15k) so it's normal if script trying handle that about ~3min.
  2. crossfire1616

    Why this?

    Follow this steps: 1.Download Blender 2.79 2.Install Pyffi ( Release 2.1.11 (Nov 26, 2011) ) 3.Install Python 2.6.6 and 2.7.13 (just idk what version of Python, Pyffi is use) 4.Install THIS addon. Done. P.S: Script isn't perfect, i mean materials on model may be broken so use Nifskope after export for fix issues.
  3. crossfire1616

    True Amazons Race and Armors

    Adding amazon npc is no different from adding vanilla npc, you just change race and race abilities of amazon, tweak HP/MP/SP/Carry Weight or another ActorValue, then just drag&drop in world and add some AI behavior / day schedule / follower option / merchant option (for natural looking). For better understand NPC mechanics in game, use Tes5Edit, most records on actors are self explanatory(if not, use creationkitwiki.com and search field)
  4. crossfire1616

    True Amazons Race and Armors

    Use TrueAmazonFollowers mod by Azazallz as guide, and add as more npc as it posible. But some moments of adding is tricky(i mean facegen and "neck gaps"). Anyway you need create custom face(RaceMenu/ECE -> ExportHead) for every added npc in creatino kit, Ctrl+F4 on selected actors and replace facegen files in ..Data\meshes\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceGeom\YOUR_MOD. It is posible but many things need to do...
  5. crossfire1616

    True Amazons Race and Armors

    Can you reupload missing textures for Officer outfit?