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  1. Figured it out, I hadn't properly installed AAF patch for Leito and Crazy FOMOD
  2. Aah, I had overlooked the "base" part of that patch... so now I'm no longer getting the Overlay erros, but still both 'MorphSet ID "Erected" not found' and 'Morphset ID "Flaccid" not found" ...
  3. I'm afraid I'm a bit confused... Which exact version(s) of EVB am I supposed to install? I'm currently using the "'Nude Male Cut" version and have the AAF compatibility patches installed with the "EVB with morphs" option checked, but when starting the game I get errors like OverlaySet ID "M_Belly" Not found and MorphSetID "Erected" not found I tried uninstalling the Leito animation pack and test it out with only Atomic Lust, and that works just fine...
  4. Okay, thanks for letting me know! I was just noticing I could send her home but still get remotely locked into devices by her as punishment, so I wasn't quite sure whether that was working as intended ?
  5. No, I'm trying it out on Lydia, and am pretty sure I don't have any other follower-modifying mods...
  6. This may be a silly question, but a I supposed to still be able to tell a follower "we need to part ways" once they're dominating me?
  7. I'd definitely like to second this. I play with general Fast Travel always disable for immersion, but things like the shopping quest do get a bit -too- impossible without some sort of way to travel between towns...
  8. Hmm, does anyone else have an isse with being able to drop restraints even though Bondage Lover is active?
  9. You can only reequip once you're out of combat though. Which does make sense given the utility the collar has. Beside, since I use frostfall, not being able to put something back on is a big no for me. Oddly though, you -can- immediately reequip armor during combat if you do it via the favorites menu...
  10. Bit of thread necromancy here, but regarding that last pose: I don't suppose anyone has a good body/face texture to recommend that works with SOS Light?
  11. Yeah, still no joy. Must be interference from one of my too-many mods.
  12. Hmmm...should definitely by compatible with Cursed Loot as I use it myself. If you didn't get the start up notifications then something isn't right somewhere. I'm assuming you've done all the necessary checks and that the mod is activated correctly. The only dependency is Fuz Ro D'oh, but even without that installed you would still get the notifications. You could try forcing the various quests to start up using the console. Try typing stopquest _SexistGuardsDiaglogue then startquest _SexistGuardsDiaglogue if you get any errors saying the quest doesn't exist then the
  13. I can't seem to get the comments happening :/ (I also didn't get any notification that the mod was starting up) Can anyone report back that this is compatible with Cursed Loot?
  14. D'oh. Feel silly now. Thanks! Just in case the info might be of relevance to anyone: Using the hotkey from the "More Hotkeys Please" mod, iti s still possible to equip weapons and spells in bound combat--but that's a very specific imcompatibility, of course.
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