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  1. Yeh, unfortunately the change log for Build 399 doesn't include all the changes from the patron-only, in-between builds which added content too. I think the To Male and To Female elixirs were added in Build 398, the To Futa one was added in 399, so only the To Futa one is in the change log. I'm not 100% sure, but you may be able to get away with not actually activating the mod in game, just having the package files installed might be enough to add the elixirs to the game. I haven't checked that though. Try installing it, run the game for a few minutes, and see if the num
  2. Hey there! When I was a patron of Oniki Kay I spoke with them about a feature like this, to be added to their Kinky World mod. We designed some new Elixirs (requires Supernatural EP) and added them to the Alchemy station / Alchemy skill. There's 3 elixirs, with 2 variants to each; Ones to transform a sim to Male, ones to transform a sim to Female, and ones to transform a sim to Futa. Each one of these has a basic variant (lasts for 24 sim hours before switching back), and an advanced variant (permanent switch). And, yes, they can be thrown at ot
  3. Hey there, I seem to be getting an issue where the DCL MCM menu locks up and stops displaying any options or tabs once I enable the Rape checkbox on the rape tab. This is on a fresh install with new save files, nothing's been updated from previous versions. The only things DCL is overwriting in my mods list is some files from DDE and some hairstyles from KS Hairdos, nothing's overwriting it nor SkyUI or any of the 3 DD main files. All other things seem to work fine. For example Misogyny toggles on or off fine (Though I think I may also be having issues with the % chance i
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