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  1. My mistake, misread that... my understanding was that he/she was trying to build a body without overwriting the one in the Data/ mesh path
  2. when using bodyside , Press and hold " CTRL" key at the same time then press Build. Femalebody_0/_1 will be placed in /Data /CalienteTools /Bodyslide... you can then copy/cut and paste to the mods folder
  3. Greetings Traveler, Am in need of your help - THE GOAL - Am trying to create a custom slider that will cause the breast to bulge out of the armor, that will create the look of a tight fit. -THE ISSUE- Am trying to apply a mask over the BaseShape (BHUNP 3BBB Advanced) that will allow me to only Increase the Mesh volume of the visible part of the breast,,,, however I try, the mask has extremely jagged edges that I can not seem to smooth out after Increasing Mesh Volume. (Preview Image billow ) - WHAT AM LOOKING FOR - NB: I am new
  4. Am a little offended haha, Yes i searched google.. its our main medium of finding things Thing is, am only finding CBBE morrigan clothing, I need UUNP as am using BHUNP SMP body The only UUNP with BS google is redirecting me too is the Patreon of Team Frosted Cakes. I found third party sites, but they all point to Patreon. SO, If anyone have the file, can you share it with me
  5. Does anyone have , Team Frosted Cakes clothing mod called That Succubus Armor 2. Seems that the patreon page has been deleted or something
  6. LL524 my guy, you are a lord and savior The shadows on the body looks fine so far,... not like thats what ill be looking for when i look down. obviously I dropped my sword ! ...damn deathlords
  7. Hi its code name FORRIM, yada yoda yada Straight to the point shall we... 😁 I need help finding something that may or may not exist bois Am using the mod Skyrim-Enhanced Camera version 1.4 ( most recent ), in addition , am also using the most excellent Body and Physics mod BHUNP (UUNP Next Generation) LE , version 1.80 ( Most Recent) That's right Sherlock, I think you know where this is going Sherlock ... you read the title I need to know! is there a way... or a Patch..., something that will allow the physics enabled body to show in first person
  8. Ok, this is getting a little frustrating now, So am having the issue where body parts gets stuck in mid air when crouching, The fix says ensure to have 3BBB skeleton..... Am assuming the normal XPMSE skeleton isn't that So am now going through the 500+Mb Archive, and I searched through every folder in it tediously , to find that there is no skeleton.nif in there at all My question is...Where is it?!
  9. Is anyone else getting redirected to another LL page that says " File Not Found" when trying to download GSPoses and GS_SLAL I want to download the updates but i can't, Can someone send me those new files please...... If that OK with GunSlinger!
  10. No one was able to identify the ENB...bummer not too surprised, there's so many ENBs out there that looks so similar!
  11. Would be dope if you could link some of those (the horns) Just saying 😉 guess i can simply google it, but there soooo many steps - type out what your looking for -Hit enter 😓 tired already, damn am lazy
  12. Nice clean cut to the torso, good dissection!!! Thanks for the mod and link
  13. Thanks, But i have RaceMenu that does that with greater variety. Besides the skin color isn't my interest, it's those unique textures !
  14. OK! straight to the point of this post! Ladies and Gentlemen, we are going to completely dissect this photo into the little pieces of mods that makes it whole. Name drop all the mods you notice form this screenshot, starting with the Skin Texture and the Eyes. (i really want those) GO!
  15. dope, thanks mucho! I didn't get any BodySlide crashes, you should consider checking if your BS2 is up to date!
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