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  1. WW has been around for quite a bit now, since 2016 to be precise, and it has never been behind a paywall. I have no idea how often you come here but you joined this forum in 2011, so I find it hard to believe you never noticed this page before. Everybody knows Pandorasims steal mods from other creators.
  2. IF: 1) your game is updated and so are ALL your other mods (CCs too) 2) you have deleted the localthumbcache.package file 3) you are sure your save or the household you are trying to load is not bugged 4) you have already tried repearing the game through Origin (removing the mods folder before doing that) 5) WW is in the right place, you have a non corrupted version of it, you don't have any doubles hidden somewhere and you tried deleting the WickedWhimsMod folder inside your saves folder 6) you already tried loading the game with WW only (without all the other Mods and CCs) THEN you can try this: 1) move the The Sims 4 folder to your desktop 2) load the game, start a save, load any household and then exit the game WITHOUT saving A new The Sims 4 folder will be generated when you load the game. 3) add back WW in your mods folder, load the game and see if you can load any household 4) COPY from your OLD The Sims 4 folder to the NEW one these folders, SAVES and TRAY. Load the game and try playing one of your old saves and see if works 5) add back all your other mods, load the game and see if everything is finally alright UNTIL YOU REACH THIS POINT, ALWAYS EXIT THE GAME WITHOUT SAVING If this doesn't work, then you should go back to the IFs at the beginning of my post and check them again.
  3. I am guessing your game is also up-to-date. Is this happening also in a new save (your current save could be corrupted)? Have you tried loading the game without mods? If not, try doing that and remember to delete the localthumbcache.package before loading the game (and everytime you add or remove a mod). If the game loads fine, then you have a mod problem and you need to check all of them (even what you call normal CCs). If the game isn't loading correctly, even without mods, try repairing the game via Origin. Once the game is repaired, try loading it and see if it works. If it does add back your mods and test your game again. Note: when testing your game with no mods, avoid saving your game before logging out.
  4. I haven't updated yet, but seriously no tub fix? This bug was introduced with CoL and it is really annoying... I also noticed the bathroom sink from CoL is never used by my sims to wash hands. They prefer using the sink in the kitchen instead and when it breaks the water spurts are weird. So I ended up cloning another sink and giving it the mesh from the CoL one.😂 I wish I was able to solve the tub bug by myself...
  5. I updated a couple of days ago but I haven't played much, so I have no idea if I have a moodlet problem going on or not. Anyway the files of the previous mod's version were still in my garbage bin. They are a little bit dirty, but you can have them. TURBODRIVER_WickedWhims_Tuning.package TURBODRIVER_WickedWhims_Scripts.ts4script
  6. My sims only have autonomous sex (they decide when to have sex and what animations to use) with no notifications for me to go through. You just need to set the settings in the right way before you even start to play.
  7. What @snowdog04said. Moreover, if you are running the Legacy Edition, you should have a "The Sims 4 Legacy Edition" folder inside your Documantes/EA folder.
  8. Deaderpool's MCCC, TwistedMexi's T.O.O.L. and weerbesu's UI Cheats Extension are wonderful mods. Everytime I run the game without them for some reasons, their absence is impossible to overlook. On a side note, I saw on TwistedMexi's site he/she is releasing on Patreon a Create-A-World tool in October!
  9. My mods are always updated and my mods folder is super tidy, to make it easier for me to keep everything in order and updated and I usually only have game related errors. If you are using the Patreon version, you should also report the problem there. Maybe other simmers using it are getting the same error.
  10. What version of BMD are you using? The current one is 7.13.142. When BE points at a mod as possible source of errors, it also gives a confidence %. A low % means BE is not confident the error is really caused by the mod it is pointing at. I stopped using BE, because it started pointing at itself as source of errors with a confidence of 30%...
  11. Are you two playing on legacy? NWP doesn't work with that version of the game, so if this is the case for you, than that's your problem. If it's not the case, have you tried loading the game (after repairing it and deleting the localthumbcache.package) with only WW and NWP?
  12. You can go back online after loading the game and access the gallery.
  13. Here is a link for the broken/updated SFW mods for the September patches. Info on what the latest patch has broken starting from page 9. NSFW mods cannot be discussed on that forum, but you can usually get info about some of them here.
  14. Google is your friend... https://www.patreon.com/sims3melancholic
  15. Yeah my mod is up to date and it really is a nice mod. I like mods that add realism to the game. If you haven't already check out their other mods.
  16. I have mortem in my mods folder. I am not getting LEs from it, at least not yet, but I keep saying to myself to remove it because it is really annoying having to report a death everytime a fox dies somewhere and then when the examiner shows up, he/she usually ends up fishing instead of doing their job...
  17. If it is up to date MCCC will not cause errors.
  18. I guess you already tried to repair the game. If not do that first and if that doesn't/didn't work, try this: - Move your The Sims 4 folder to your desktop and load the game so that a new The Sims 4 folder will be generated. Exit the game without loading any save. - Replace the following folders inside the new Sims 4 folder with the equivalent ones from the old The Sims 4 folder: "mods", "saves" and "tray". - Load the game and see if you still get the error. If you do, you will need to check your mods, one by one. Edit: all your user settings for the game will be reset and you will need to set them again.
  19. Why should you have to allow incest to have teen sex?
  20. They don't come with the mod. You have to look for them and find what you prefer best. I like these hooves and these horns, but as I said, if you look for them, you will be able to choose among several options and find what is best for your tastes.
  21. Have you tried updating the other mods listed in the BE full report? And have you removed also the duplicate mods? Maybe those are affecting NWP.
  22. The pull the game has got on me could be described with a periodic function. I can go months barely playing and then bam I am find myself deeply immersed in it for weeks. At the moment I am coming out from a deep immersion phase (I really like CoL) and I don't feel like playing a lot, so it's alright for me to update right away.
  23. Anyway, from what I have seen so far, the most important mod (MCCC) is working and the major NSFW mods have been updated (at least those I use :-P). UI Cheat Extension has also been updated. Still waiting on T.O.O.L and I am not sure all mods by LittleMsSam are ok. Some were updated, but she is recovering from surgery so she won't be online much the next few days. All mods by Biechens seem to be fine. I think I will take the leap and update the game. lol
  24. 1) In Origin select origin, then application settings, scroll down till you reach client updating (no idea the correct naming in English, but it is nearly at the bottom) and switch off automatic game updates. This will stop Origin from autoupdating the game. 2) In Origin click on origin, then select go offline. This will stop Origin from reminding you that there is an unavoidable update. You can go back online once the game is loaded to access the gallery.
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