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  1. You can find translations at this link https://www.loverslab.com/files/category/215-translations-wickedwhims/ and at this link too https://www.loverslab.com/files/category/209-translations/. I think the most recent Spanish translation for WW can be found here (updated Dec 24 2020) and I imagine it needs to be updated for the latest WW version:
  2. LE as in last exception. It is a txt file generated when an error occurs and which can be useful in identifying said error. Edit: i am too slow to type lmao
  3. Get off the slut uniform. You will keep getting those messages as long as your sim is dressed in the outfit selected for prostitution. Unless you chose otherwise, the slut uniform should be by default the athletic outfit.
  4. Have you checked if you have an old copy of WW hidden somewhere? Maybe added by mistake to another folder?
  5. The mod just adds lot traits. You cannot have two dress codes at the same time on one lot.
  6. You need at least another played household to set a debt for your sim. For what I understand only played sims can hold other sims in debt.
  7. I don't think that mod will solve your problem. If your sims are dressed while showering, you probably have some CC clothings flagged as nude outfit.
  8. https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/175405300963/dress-code-custom-lot-traits-this-mod-adds-six
  9. Go into your saves folder and delete the wickedperversionsmod folder and before loading the game remember to also delete the localthumbcache package,
  10. I see you have all of ecobotstar's cum replacer files and I think you should have only one of them.
  11. The tunable with this name Zero:InjectionTools_FilterInjector_All and this ID 9851001390429385416 is causing your errors. It's in a mod by Zero. Find it and remove it to see if you're still getting errors. Remember to also delete the localthumbcache package and to check for an update for Zero's mod.
  12. I quite like snowy ascape, particularly the new world.
  13. I haven't updated yet, but do you mean you are lacking this options?
  14. The only women with that kind of boobs are morbidly obese or porn actresses.😜
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