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  1. I think about that when I get back to updating the list. Am also considering splitting up the main list and hiding it behind spoilers as it is getting rather big.
  2. Ahh, yes. I decided to not add this one as it is just a "Hey look what I found. This is looking interesting." thread without any introductional content besides some screenshots and a video.
  3. There is no forum topic for this game and therefore it will not be added. Added
  4. I am always happy if you could provide those links as I don't have the time to check if games are dead or not. For now I should have removed the dead forum links.
  5. Sure. Feel free to submit any texts. As stated before I am more of a coder than a writer myself. Events planned for now are: chastity, teasing, bondage, sm, public and private humiliation and an event for blackmailing. More things down the line could be stuff like milking or forced impregnation (if ruler is heirless or spouse is dom).
  6. My life is a bit weird right now, but nothing is given up yet. I just don't find enough time and inspiration to finish the event texts.
  7. I will only add games that have threads here in the "Adult Gamging" forums. Still thanks I thank you. You actually made me update this list again ^^
  8. After a while I wanted to update my list for the first time since the update but apparently I cannot edit the spoilers. Do I have to create all the spoiler contents again or is there a easier way to fix this? Edit: I recreated the spoilers what fixed the problem.
  9. I don't think so. The only game I know of which fits your premise would be "Nexus: A Kingdom Encounters Drama" but apparently it's dead as it's Patreon site is down.
  10. I agree with you but the problem is that you need time and commitment to do both. You have to keep track of each single game. And I don't have the time nor the commitment to do this.
  11. I dedicate this post to first commentor in this thread. So please enjoy this service post Xyke just introduced his first adult game to LL: Five Days
  12. There isn't a forum thread of this game here as far as I am aware of.
  13. I have to apply the breaks a little bit. The *quality* you see in this game are just some assets from the unity asset store and the DAZ3d story mashed together. It is no magic to stuff some 3d models together to make a level , for sure it costs time but it is no magic. Furthermore , the gameplay is very minimalistic. I mean , what can you actually do ? You can walk around , talk with the girls and activate some events (sometimes) and.. that's it. We need to be realistic here , everyone can create such a game and i am just one who did. Even the scripting stuff is very simple , i
  14. It's not dead. I just cannot motivate myself to write some shitty event texts.
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