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  1. @Navylian I made a guide for weapons. Works on all equipment.
  2. @nofatbitches1 Ubume 's mesh is missing parts. She has holes by her collar bones when you remove her clothes. Yasha, Suiki, and Flying Bolt also are missing pieces. @howlerleech The textures need to be dumped in order to get the individual hashes. I'll update the post with a fix. *Updated* @link404 Looks possible. I'm taking a break for a while so hopefully someone pick it up.
  3. @Ogawa709 If you're having issues with multiple mods double check your settings. I made the mod on 1.26 with high textures on and motion blur and DLSS off. I included the hashes for motion blur but DLSS doesn't work on my card. You can always reinstall 3Dmigoto in case something went wrong there.
  4. I've updated the yokai mod. I'll be taking a break from modding for a bit so feel free to edit my work and create new mods. This thread is a wonderful start. Thank you to everyone for sharing your work!
  5. Nude Yokai Mod Updated with low textures working Also added bump maps for Kasha. Non-nude but more revealing Yasha added. I decided to post these here to put more focus on the work @langnao is doing and to let people know that texture editing is possible. I am far from a pro at this. Take them as is. Everyone is free to edit my work or post it wherever. Just be nice and mention my name Nure Onna Kasha Tate Eboshi Lightning Gods of Yomi
  6. @etsorhtt Thanks. I'll try this with the next yokai. @InsomniaDemon Here is a basic guide. I assume you know how to install cheat engine and hook the game if not: https://fearlessrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=831 I am using Arikado's trainer. Make sure you select the one for your game version (1.25 or 1.26)
  7. @langnao Amazing that you're building the meshes yourself. I can only edit textures so I'm impressed. Probably a good idea to stay lowpoly. Koei ports have weird performance issues.
  8. @ray371 I looked and found another hash... my loaded fine without it but I added it just in case. @InsomniaDemon You can use cheat engine to change a weapon's model. That is actually an odachi modeled as a katana. Odd in some stances and animations but good enough in low stance @delpo We're already there I still need to work on it. Probably won't have anything final till Monday. So here is a prototype to test out. The bottom needs work. I'll try to focus on the other yokai next. NOTE: Texture editi
  9. @ray371 Do you have DLSS on? What version of the game are you using? The 1.26 update affected some hashes Some one posted a version of the mod at nexus you can try that one if you still have issues. Do the other mods work? I'll check again to see if any of the hashes are acting weird.
  10. @langnao Wonderful work. It's looking good so far thanks for the updates. The top looks like it will be the hardest. Just glad someone is working on it so thank you.
  11. @etsorhtt Enjoy the game. You've done so much Here is the black leggings version of the Ferryman Hakama. It uses the original mod by @anaslex I just edited the textures and added the extra shaderhash for the shadow issue I had. Lots of issues with editing. This was suppose to be a test for something bigger but... yuck. Works great with the Justice Ministry Top I couldn't remove the chain mesh bumps (edited all the pt files and couldn't get it) but I'm personally fine with them. Hard to see them unless you're up close. I am
  12. @anaslex I tried your update and still had the issue: I went hunting again and found another pixel shader hash that worked. I didn't change my settings but I did just update to 1.26. If it's OK with you I'll post the texture edit. I used your mod as a base so don't want to post anything without your permission.
  13. @anaslex Great job with all the edits. I tried texture editing... that's not fun. I did get the leggings black but saw that the shadow for the armor stayed. It appears to be attached to a vertex shader. Toggling it off messes with other shadows such as the ground shadow. Not sure if there is another way to adjust it. Thanks for submitting everything. Mesh edits are beyond me so it's truly appreciated.
  14. @etsorhtt I'm sure it is a shader but I couldn't find it in hunt mode. It does adjust from different angles. also thanks for doing all that you do. None of this would be possible without your enabler and guides. You're the Hidey of our hearts. @VioletKIRA It's built in. Numpad 0 should start it. You'll see green text like in the screenshot below: Has anyone edited the ferryman leggings? Turns out like this when I try: Removing the armor piece and keeping the chain mail would be ideal. Hoping of doing a Nightshade/Kunoichi texture
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