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  1. Thanks for the information! I'll have a look at what you've mentioned I recall coming across a mod that already converted most if not all the vanilla armour and clothes for the DMRA-GUTS body so that shouldn't be too much of an issue https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/43528 I'll also have a look into Lovers as well
  2. Thanks for the responses! I think i might've put everyone on the wrong track with my other questions but basically i'm trying to accomplish 2 things: Use the DMRA-GUTS SE body (which from my understanding is a more muscular version of the regular DMRA-GUTS body based on the picture on this armour mod https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45080) and for only the player character to use it. When the player character is naked they have a futa cock which can be erect or limp, ideally one that has both a cock and balls and the bigger the better! I too
  3. So i've been itching to return to Oblivion since i never played it fully and as such i'm looking at the kinds of mods that tickle my fancy and what are still available from last time i played as well as what's new. As the title says I'm after some futanari mods, I'm juggling between using the DMRA-GUTS SE body https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42840?tab=description so if there's an equippable cock that i could use or if there's a futa variant of the body that would be great! With the DMRA-GUTS body mod replaces all female bodies or just the players? There was a mo
  4. Oh yes I forgot about that game, i wonder if the upcoming "universe" will expand on the customisation or keep it the same Thanks ii've taken a look and unfortunately the level of muscle definition isn't really as far as i'd like, at most it gives them a toned appearance with very very slightly definition.
  5. As the title says, I'm just wondering what MMOs out there allow you to create a muscular looking female character beyond just looking slim with close to no definition. The ones I've found so far are: Guild wars 2 - i recall making one with the Norn race that had decent definition Black desert online - let's you make a fairly muscular female with good defintion Skyforge - from memory i think they let you have a noticeable amount of definition Would anybody else have any other suggestions?
  6. @SaiKazukimuriThanks for the detailed response! I've been doing further research into the game and it seems that the housing system in FF14 is pretty cut-throat, with people fighting over any and all property with some people owning entire wards just to themselves just because they can. It's a system I've seen very similar to ArchAge and I didn't like it, I'm much happier with the housing systems in BDO or ESO where there's no fighting over plots of land or housing slots. What's your view on this? I also read about there being marketplace bots being pretty rife in the g
  7. Thanks a lot of the detailed explanation on the combat system. What about projectile skills and spells, especially from enemy monsters? In past MMOs i've played any arrows or fireballs shot at me would break the laws of physics and hit me even if I side step and run around to avoid getting hit making moving away almost pointless. Is this the same story in FF14?
  8. I was told that the free trial is basically as long as you want up until you pay for a sub. So because of that my interpretation is that the free trial makes the game free to play but with a few restrictions and limitations that lasts till you pay for a premium sub. In terms of combat how does it compare to BDO or Vindictus? I have images of people with 3 skill bars worth of skills but idk if it's really action combat with that many skills, at most i'm guessing it's a hybrid of tab target and action combat?
  9. I assume you yourself have or currently are using mods with your installation? The general consensus with modding in that game seems to be "keep it to yourself" when in game and you more or less can mod to your hearts content as long as it's just cosmetic? Would you say this is correct? Also I would love to make some lewd friends on there though being in Australia i think the better server for me would be the Japanese ones due to them being closer, it's hard to tell right now since i don't own the game yet so i can't see/test for myself.
  10. I completely forgot about Skyforge, i had tried it in the past and i think i had fun with it initially but then realised it was very p2w as i progressed and i quickly lost interest afterwards. It's a shame because i liked the premise of the "story" in that game.
  11. Based on the responses so far, it seems that it's basically just come down to modding an MMO to have skimpier armour or costumes rather than them being a part of the game by default. I might give FF14 a try sometime since i hear it's good fun and might tickle my fantasy.
  12. It seems to me as of late, a lot of the newer mmorpgs are shying away from including costumes and armours that are a bit more sexualised to avoid upsetting various groups of people which i can understand but at the same time it disappoints me. What I am wondering is what MMORPGs today (or even upcoming ones) that are still relatively popular and have sexy costumes and/or armours that I can equip on my character on top of a robust character creator? The only ones I can think of are the following: Black Desert Online - Played it already and had fun with the r
  13. I'd definitely love to see a futanari version of these mods!
  14. Looks interesting, does it natively have skimpy armour and costumes or is that only provided by the mods? If only by mods then what is the likelyhood of getting banned for using them? I found the game mentioned and I was wondering what the population is like on that private server? Based on what i could gather from the forums it seems kind of dead?
  15. I have actually played them both, just forgot to mention them! BDO got really boring for me due to the lack of PvE content and PvP wasn't really something I wanted to do...As for Vindictus it felt rather dead when i last played it so I didn't really get into it.
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