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  1. @SaiKazukimuriThanks for the detailed response! I've been doing further research into the game and it seems that the housing system in FF14 is pretty cut-throat, with people fighting over any and all property with some people owning entire wards just to themselves just because they can. It's a system I've seen very similar to ArchAge and I didn't like it, I'm much happier with the housing systems in BDO or ESO where there's no fighting over plots of land or housing slots. What's your view on this? I also read about there being marketplace bots being pretty rife in the game regularly undercutting people so they get sales first all the time and use the gil they earn to fund some illegal RMT operation. How prevalent is this from your personal experience? @Sense19 With modding is there a general procedure to it? I've read that when modding with TexTools you should generally should disable all mods then use the option "Start Over" after redownloading a clean index before any new update/maintenance happens to avoid any potential issues or even getting caught. Is this what you have to do? Overall would it be much of a stretch to say that modding is safe as long as you keep it to yourself? There's no way that the moderator team or Square Enix has any way of finding out otherwise?
  2. Thanks a lot of the detailed explanation on the combat system. What about projectile skills and spells, especially from enemy monsters? In past MMOs i've played any arrows or fireballs shot at me would break the laws of physics and hit me even if I side step and run around to avoid getting hit making moving away almost pointless. Is this the same story in FF14?
  3. I was told that the free trial is basically as long as you want up until you pay for a sub. So because of that my interpretation is that the free trial makes the game free to play but with a few restrictions and limitations that lasts till you pay for a premium sub. In terms of combat how does it compare to BDO or Vindictus? I have images of people with 3 skill bars worth of skills but idk if it's really action combat with that many skills, at most i'm guessing it's a hybrid of tab target and action combat?
  4. I assume you yourself have or currently are using mods with your installation? The general consensus with modding in that game seems to be "keep it to yourself" when in game and you more or less can mod to your hearts content as long as it's just cosmetic? Would you say this is correct? Also I would love to make some lewd friends on there though being in Australia i think the better server for me would be the Japanese ones due to them being closer, it's hard to tell right now since i don't own the game yet so i can't see/test for myself.
  5. I completely forgot about Skyforge, i had tried it in the past and i think i had fun with it initially but then realised it was very p2w as i progressed and i quickly lost interest afterwards. It's a shame because i liked the premise of the "story" in that game.
  6. Based on the responses so far, it seems that it's basically just come down to modding an MMO to have skimpier armour or costumes rather than them being a part of the game by default. I might give FF14 a try sometime since i hear it's good fun and might tickle my fantasy.
  7. It seems to me as of late, a lot of the newer mmorpgs are shying away from including costumes and armours that are a bit more sexualised to avoid upsetting various groups of people which i can understand but at the same time it disappoints me. What I am wondering is what MMORPGs today (or even upcoming ones) that are still relatively popular and have sexy costumes and/or armours that I can equip on my character on top of a robust character creator? The only ones I can think of are the following: Black Desert Online - Played it already and had fun with the recent Guardian class and while it has a lot going for it, the gear enhancement RNG and the constant feeling i had to have the game running 24/7 ruined it for me. There's a handful of sexy costumes available that I liked and the ability to dye them to make them yours was icing on the cake. Blade and Soul - Haven't actually played it though the main thing putting me off is how some classes are very ping dependent. I live in Australia and so i get a minimum of 200ms ping on a good day to any US server. From what I've seen though, this has a lot of sexy costumes. TERA - Had some fun with this one but got bored of it and the lack of character customisation beyond just the face was very disappointing. However the variety of armour that got skimpier the higher level you got was great and there were a number of sexy costumes to get Vindictus - I'm currently enjoying the game despite it's age and population, almost all the costumes i've seen in the game so far are sexy and they can be dyed as well which is even better. Phantasy Star Online 2 - I've been trying this one a bit but so far it's not clicking with me, not sure why when it ticks both the character creation and the sexy costumes it offers. I think it has something to do with how confusing and spread out everything is. ArchAge - I think there were a few sexy costumes in this game but the way the game was managed has left a sour taste in my mouth and also i disliked the open world PvP, made trying to go from point A to point B a real frustrating task. I'm curious to know if there's any others I've missed, perhaps FF14? Not sure as the costumes i've mostly seen have been rather tame. Would love to hear anyone else's suggestions!
  8. I'd definitely love to see a futanari version of these mods!
  9. Looks interesting, does it natively have skimpy armour and costumes or is that only provided by the mods? If only by mods then what is the likelyhood of getting banned for using them? I found the game mentioned and I was wondering what the population is like on that private server? Based on what i could gather from the forums it seems kind of dead?
  10. I have actually played them both, just forgot to mention them! BDO got really boring for me due to the lack of PvE content and PvP wasn't really something I wanted to do...As for Vindictus it felt rather dead when i last played it so I didn't really get into it.
  11. Hi all! As the title mentions I'm wondering if anybody here knows of some active MMOs with skimpy armour and costumes? Ideally the armour would get skimpier the higher you level up! The only two MMORPGs i can think of right now are "TERA" and "Blade and Soul", but i'm wondering if there's any others. Such an MMO would be perfect for healsluts so if you happen to be one maybe we can play an MMO together, just let me know~ Thanks for the assistance in advance! P.S If TERA and BnS are the only MMOs out there that satisfy what i'm looking for, which of the two should i pick up and play?
  12. Thanks for the responses! Does Conan Exiles have a futa mod by any chance? I haven't exactly been keeping an eye on the game and the modding scene for it so i wouldn't know. As for second life, I already play that but sadly it doesn't quite do it for me unfortunately, it needs some kind of "gameplay" to keep me interested, the social aspect is fine but i'm more or less just wandering around bored when i'm not in the mood for sex since there isn't much else to do there that interests me. Perhaps any MMORPGs that have a high amount of sexual content in the sense of skimpy clothes/armours?
  13. Hi there everyone, I've been looking around the web a bit for any really sexual MMOs or multiplayer games that are still active and fun to play, ones that offer more than a "meet and fuck" experience, ones that have some actual gameplay and substance to keep you playing on top of all the sexy eye candy. So basically the kind of game or mmo i'm looking for would ideally have the following: Multiplayer Still has active playerbase 3d visuals Decent if not detailed character customisation (both looks and skills/stats/etc) Skimpy armour(s) and clothing Sex is an option Has gameplay beyond a simple meet and fuck or deciding what sex position to use. If anybody is able to suggest me anything that ticks most if not all those points that would be awesome! Thanks in advance
  14. Post links to any futanari videos, gifs, or animations here to share with others!
  15. Post your favourite art pieces here, whether drawn or 3D! Here's just a few to start us off:
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