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  1. I'm still fixing it. Have patience and wait a bit more 🙂 🤗
  2. @vagonumero13 I noticed that if you play online with a Morphing Mod, the game loads the original 2nd textures (the gold ones) and not the modded ones. Do you think that this issue could be fixed? Just a curiosity: do you think that it's possible, in a future, to edit also the animations properties such as the frames?
  3. Sometimes if it this happens, try to load another costume, then go back to that. If it doesn't work, restart the game
  4. Destructible Hot Summer Costume Set Mod Pack 2K Subs Mod Pack
  5. Only for the costumes that had problems before, just like the kokoro one
  6. I edited the 3DMigoto Blender.py ,as @fgh1t6 said, for preventing some DOA6 meshes for not being loaded correctly. There could be some loss of the data (if i'm not wrong). Download here 👉 3DMigoto Blender DOA6fix.py @rjqnraos19 You could be interested in into too. It's a nice idea to bring that costume to males too! Thanks for using my work
  7. Applying the CLS401_NIGHT.kidsobj (i don't remember the correct name) is the same result of using your work COLNIGHT feature? Or is there any difference that you noticed when that stage is loaded?
  8. Because inside the description of the YT video there are all the infos (download + instructions)
  9. If you check the previous pages in this thread you can find some of mymods 😅😑😒 My mods were free on the Steam's Workshop
  10. SERIOUSLY? THIS IS A DREAM COMING TRUE!!! It was always a pain in the ass to fix the wrong vertexes that weren't in the range, because sometimes for fixing that the mesh could appear ugly and deformed. I must test it when I'll be home. Thank you for your hard work! I'll update the 1st page
  11. I did it a long time ago. You can download it from here:
  12. KAS_HAIR_001 I did a Morphing Mod using HTM_COS_031 and what I am doing it's trying to let stop loading kidsmm1 and kidsmm2 (or replacing them with kidsalb and kidsnmh) from it. I did a test on HTM_COS_001, because i had the same issue but changing them to kidsalb and kidsnmh won't help. When i taunt this is the result: The Yellow color doesn't have kidsnmm1 and kidsnmm2, so i was trying to find a solution
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