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  1. How did you handle the textures of Arnice default and demon form? Because they are two different .g1m
  2. No, you won't get a ban for using mods even in an online match
  3. 1) if i'm not wrong they are in CharacterEditor. Type "eff" in the search bar 2)I don't think so 🤔
  4. Christie Halloween 2017 Costume Halloween Sister Mod Pack Eliot DOA4 Costume Nyotengu China Dress Tamaki Night Cage Hitomi School Uniform
  5. Vago added the function to hide the HUD. Press F5 if I'm not wrong. Guys, do you think is possible to bring Animations from DOA5LR to DOA6? I tried a bit on Blender, but without results
  6. It seems that Nyo'sDLC slots from 30+ give that breast broken issue. I haven't tested them all
  7. Could it be a lack of SOFT_XXX_ROOT from Nyotengu? Because Leifang has from SOFT_000_ROOT to SOFT_005_ROOT, meanwhile Nyo has only 000,001,004,005
  8. Anyone knows why when you full swap a costume from another girl to Nyotengu her breast gets as dull as grandma?
  9. It isn't an error, it is just a pop-up. To see if your breast meshes will have issues like in your picture, you have to expand the top bar and after doing the recalculation, if you see some red lines those are the vertexes that need to be changed(every line tells you the vertex coordinates). You just need to move a little and reapply the calculation to see if the error disappears
  10. This function is pretty useful thank you for impleting it. The only issue is that sometimes the Alpha-channel isn't loaded correctly and you see the black background or sometimes worse like in this picture. About the new search function, now is it case sensitive right?
  11. I don't use 3DMigoto so for me is fine F5 (or any other option). With hiding the hit info you mean when,during a battle, the "Break Blow, Counter, Throw" banners pop-up? If we are going to hide the HUD in VS mode, I guess that is better to hide them as well, otherwise in Spectator Mode they can be there because the game can toggle them off as well.
  12. I noticed later that I forgot to use your settings as you showed in the picture 🤦‍♂️ I'll try again. EDIT: It works like a charm! Thanks!
  13. They are as .g1a. Vagonumero created tools for them as well, just check in his thread
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