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  1. Wow, he's hot af ! If you don't mind me asking, what skin overlay did you use for his body, also his choker and underwear ( did you use something to give it the shiny texture? ) Hope to see more from you 😍
  2. I never knew I needed this until now lol! Keep up the great contents! 😍
  3. Your sims look so hot! Wcif tattoos of the guy with black hair?
  4. I swear those jocks are the best I've ever seen *gasp*, fit perfectly with the aesthetics of the game. Time to delete all the old jockstraps cc in my folder lol
  5. @simdulgence Hi, I'm currently using your Realgen_CC_CAS and I ran into this problem with the ass crack when I used your penis and skin overlay at the same time. So right now, I have to choose between having the perfect ass or the most beautiful penis for my sim Hope you can help me fix this. Remus Skin overlay without your mod With your mod Luumia Smoothbuttz without your mod With your mod Aside from that, your mods are perfect *chef kiss*.
  6. You might like these, they're my fav https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-clothing-male-teenadultelder-sleepwear/title/swimwear-briefs/id/1415879/ But I agree, I can never have enough briefs and speedo cc for myself sims.
  7. Luumia new body hair is not compatible with any of penis afaik, the hair texture always got on the tip of the penis. He's been fixing it for a while but still no news from him, you should use his older body hair.
  8. Thank you so much for all your hard work It look exactly like how I imagined and you also made a cute pig tail lol
  9. Oh you were right, turn out it was the neck slider mod I used on my male sims
  10. @Etny00 hey, your pup mask and tail mods are godsent lol, literally what I've ever wanted for my male sims! The jockstraps are nice as well, they look so much better than any jockstraps I've use on my sims Btw, I just noticed that the mask would be like this if a sim is skinny or not too muscular, not really a problem for me since I like mine beefy and buff lol but worth looking into
  11. @simdulgence Yesss, I'm so glad to hear that since I really don't want to choose between using the overlay or your penis mod lol, I'm looking forward to the new update @Kucu091 You mean the overlay of the body right? Because the top in both pictures is UntraditionalNerd's Muscular Top and the left picture body overlay is RemusSirion's Male Skin Overlay 9 which you can find on TSR
  12. @simdulgence Hi, I think your penis mod is the best I've seen so far on LL, love all the small details! But I encountered this problem, I'm currently creating this sim but when I used your penis, the skin overlay on him just disappeared and turned back into the default body overlay. I used RemusSirion's Male Skin Overlay 9 btw, hope you can help me Default WW penis Your penis mod
  13. YES PLEASE!! I always love to have different type of body in my game 😍 Thank you so much!
  14. How did you make his body to look like that? What skin or maybe body preset did you use? So beefy and T H I C C
  15. What skin did you use for him? He looks so gorgeous
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