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  1. psahoo

    FT Workshop

    Hey! Just wanted to ask... are devious devices still under development or v4.1 was the final version?
  2. Hey! Does anyone know when the next update for devious devices are going to be out? I saw that they are working on some amazing stuff.
  3. I'm looking for any custom armor packs, as in a bunch of custom, preferably sexy/skimpy armors in a single esp? Bodytype does not matter much, but CBBE would be preferred.
  4. He replied to me almost instantly. I have the mod with me but am not sure if I should share it publicly since the author himself has not done so.
  5. You could try out Molag Bal's Inferno. It's not in a dark cave per se, but some of its areas are quite dark. Also, Beyond Reach is pretty good, especially the final missions. You could check it out too.
  6. What are some of the best armors that require heels sound? I already have luxury collection(CBBE), 2B armor and BDO Dark Knight Armor. What other armors have heels sound?
  7. Not what I was looking for, but thanks nonetheless
  8. Hello, I am looking for the Hikari armor of SkyrimGTX, or any armor similar to it. I especially liked the hdt enabled feathery cloak it had. Has anyone any ideas?
  9. Thank You, tovarisch! I realized I had to login to get the download link. My bad!
  10. I can't seem to find how to download from gamer-mods.ru. There's no download button there. Any suggestions?
  11. Hello, does anyone have the BDO Dark Knight Armor latest version? I think it got taken down due to some copyright issues.