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  1. I haven't touched fo4 for 3 months, i decided to install new mods and play the game again, (none of the mods i installed change anything graphical). So i do have a enb with sweetfx as well, but it has been working perfectly before, now the problem is -when moving the whole world looks blurry, not like a motion blur but as if the textures were not loaded yet, -sometime the npc's or my character's face gets extremely smudgy, as if made by play dough on some camera angles/distance.-no, disabling the enb doesn't fix it i will try uploading a video for you guys to see, any help would be appreciated, btw i may have changed some gpu settings while i was not playing so, that would be an option? Fallout4 2020-04-23 02-24-37.mp4 Fallout4 2020-04-23 02-24-37.mp4
  2. The title is self explanatory, I was so surprised that I couldn't find this anywhere. If somebody does this will be so greatful.
  3. I have many lighting issues with my current set up, do you know what can be causing those? I will aslo attach the mods that affect textures,maps,lighting and such, with an example so you can help me with what's causing these glitches(artifacts?). Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for the reply, i did this part like 3 times, it didn't work. But the strange thing is it works at the first time than it reverts to the non merged face mesh, how can you explain this?
  5. So, im preeetty new in modding, and I wanted to create my custom follower. I watched many tutorials. I followed them (i use racemenu to create face morphs) so I use a custom eye texture and a hair from K's Hairdos mod. I did everything including nifmerge and stuff. I did not choose a cell for my follower (i thought i could just spawn her in). I spawned her in everthing was fine she looked like the face in racemenu. But then after i loaded another character save i wanted to spawn her in again, so i did and she looked like the way she looked in creation kit, without any nifmerge just the original look, the eyes, the hair, the face everything was different. This also happened when i first spawn her when i start the game, when i died it loaded to a old save and she was gone and when i spawned her again the same thing as above happened. (ps i can include the mod file as well but it uses K's Hairdos and Eyes Of Beauty and CBBE body) Fjold.rar
  6. I have CTD's when loading my save, to play normally i have to first do coc qasmoke then load my game. It works but i have to do this every time if i want to load my save. how can i sole this issue? ps. Even when i save after i succesfully load my game the new save crashes too
  7. amazing, which mod do you use for the muscles? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72837/? FAMOUS custom map. This modder's resource makes it easy to customize to your own preferences. Thank you very much!
  8. Do not know exactly, I always use with tattoos. But perhaps this helps. Drow Race - All in One by ShaggyMonster http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/16819/? Thank you , but i went into the pain of editing the texture maps by myself , and it went okay!
  9. How can i remove the tattoos from the textures? or is there a no tattoo version?
  10. Hi i found this image of a dremora like female character on the internet which had a muscular and shiny body, So my questions are; Which muscle mod is that, How to make the body shiny like that (not as much as sporty sexy sweat) thanks in advance! (btw if i make my skin black like that in my game i can hardly see the details of my character it just looks so black as if its absorbing all the light while using enb,can you help me if you have a solution for that too ?)
  11. As the title suggests, i had a mod (i can't remember which one) that required a speccial graphical setting, I accidentally launched the game with the Skyrim Launcher which changed my settings ,and now the game crashed when a save loads, and i dont remember my settings. So which mod causes this, how can i solve it? My mod order was like this before and i used it like 150 hrs no problem but, as of now it has became a major issue. Thanks for helping, have a great day.
  12. I used this enb before but i can not find it now. can anyone tell me (Btw im using purewater)
  13. I found this tera monokini armor mod , there were other conversions but not cbbe does anyone know where I can find one or can anyone convert it ? Thanks! Tera_Monokini_v0-1_LOOSE.7z
  14. Do you know what this armor is ?? Thanks! (it was used in the screenshot showcase of the barbarian-milkdrinker skin)
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