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  1. Nope. I never ran into any deformities using the body. It should all work fine.
  2. So, I decided to make a multi breast body since there's only a few others I've been able to find. Well, mine has 8. And yes it seems like it'd be glitchy, but it all works fantastic. HDT works and everything. The main thing is that if you use it, you have to have your weight at 100. I've yet to work on the 0 weight yet. Also, in case anyone wants to help out, I'd like to somehow convert a few armors, which I never converted an armor before. So contact me if you wanna help! https://mega.nz/#!tExQ0LCa!fe9KWDLFnoIJ9NAzcZEZ3cuosRlH3PUH30RvJzYR-8A ^.nif file
  3. I love this! Way too small for my taste, but I absolutely love it!
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