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  1. Btw, what are the actual plans? Will it be something like LL mod?
  2. ou, thanks, will look through topic to find
  3. I tried to made LO by myself, but problem still exists...( Maybe there is some other problem?
  4. On clean save after Character creation in the middle of load (Random Alternate start). Before it was on other save with 9 MNC installed, but i fucked up this save.
  5. Well, i made Load order with LOOT, so this shouldnt be bad.
  6. I`ve done everything according to "upgrade from 9 to 12 guide", but still have got CTD. Is there any incompatibilities?
  7. but how i should find out what file is missing? Like, i read instruction, but can find solution. Also load order is correct
  8. Well, idk what the point/ Im upgraiding from 9 version to 12 and do everything that was sayed in tutorial. But game crashes when main menu loading
  9. Are the some incompabilities? I have gamecrash after launching it.
  10. All requirements installed properly, BodySlide builded, but vagina remains static. What's the problem?
  11. OK. Thanks. Still have questions. I read F.A.Q, but still don't understand how to complete Sanguine quest after you firstly released from his world. An how to appear there? (Cause I set up chance to 56% and still wasn't in dreamworld on that char.
  12. Is it normal, that I should travel to Soltsheim to cure roots?
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