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  1. I have to confirm that this mod is indeed abandoned. I suffered some physical health issues, as well as some emotional trauma, and then major work problems. I am only just now returning to modding, but any new work I do will be for CK3. While I always said this if asked, anyone is free to take anything from this mod and run with it if they want to. Please be aware that a lot of the graphics were used without permission (I am not an artist, sadly.) I do want to close by thanking everyone who supported me in this mod. --Noxie
  2. i love your mod and keep it up

  3. It really sucks when you wake up in tears and don't even know why.

  4. losing the war against depression... ☠️

  5. "Your mother is a matter of fact; your father is a matter of opinion."

  6. In mourning...

  7. It always hurts when I have to end a friendship.  :bawling:

  8. Upsetting news today... @dewguru announced that he is ceasing work on Dark World.  :cry:

  9. A vile thing is that which is called depression.

  10. Before tonight it had been a long time since I have felt like a helpless damsel in a tower waiting to be rescued.

  11. Making steady progress towards!!!

  12. Frustrated and not wanting to code... :(

  13. I have returned...

  14. Not feeling well...

  15. Societies can have more than 4 ranks!!!!

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