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  1. I have to confirm that this mod is indeed abandoned. I suffered some physical health issues, as well as some emotional trauma, and then major work problems. I am only just now returning to modding, but any new work I do will be for CK3. While I always said this if asked, anyone is free to take anything from this mod and run with it if they want to. Please be aware that a lot of the graphics were used without permission (I am not an artist, sadly.) I do want to close by thanking everyone who supported me in this mod. --Noxie
  2. i love your mod and keep it up

  3. What to Do? The short-term fate of NDPA is currently in question. I have reverted my development back to my last published version and have been looking at all the issues and there are a lot of them. A very big part of me wants to throw my hands in the air and let out a primal scream then completely start over from scratch. However, I know that would frustrate many of you. Were I a fan of this mod and not its creator, *I* would be frustrated at such an announcement. To be honest, there is another part of me that wants to declare NDPA dead and write a totally new sta
  4. A quick glance around the site has shown me that I am totally out of touch with the CK2 adult modding scene.
  5. It seems like one thing after another has conspired against me making any progress. Some of it is mental/emotional, some is physical, and a lot of it is caused by work stress. I haven't forgotten about you all and I look forward to whenever I can again say that I am making regular progress on NDPA.
  6. Not only is it okay, your edits are appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Yesterday and today I got to play some CK2, mostly experimenting with the new Holy Fury mechanics; there are some neat things but also a lot of new bugs. For instance, if you are an unmarried woman with a male concubine, you can still get the loss to piety and prestige if you get pregnant. NDPA had dealt with that, but I have to rewrite most of that code to make sure it deals with the new stuff in Holy Fury. NDPA also breaks some of the new sounds but that should be an easy fix. I also believe I found a bug in the new nursing system, but I'm not sure yet. Of course I'll be changing that a
  8. It really sucks when you wake up in tears and don't even know why.

  9. Still on massive pain killers and trying to recover from having two teeth removed yesterday, so I haven't spent much time in game and even less in the new code. I'll be working on things as soon as I can.
  10. Yep, mine crashes too. Many mods are broken immediately after a major DLC/patch, and who knows how long it is going to take for the validator to be updated with the vast amount of changes 3.0 brings. Regardless of all of that, I'll try to have something this weekend that at least allows it to run, but we may find a lot more broken.
  11. This will also help a lot with new cross-breeding mechanics!!!
  12. The following probably won't make it with the release of holy fury, but here are two new commands coming in a future patch that are desperately needed for my stuff: Added set_gender = male/female/opposite effect, sets the scoped character's gender to be male or female or the opposite of what they currently are. Warning: messing with a character's gender may have unintended side effects so use with caution. Added add_age = int effect, adds the given value to the age of the scoped character. Warning: messing with a character's age may have unintended side effects so use with caution.
  13. That isn't specifically a desired outcome, but I have seen that happen in some of my games. I have plans to alter interspecies breeding in the future as well as experiment with some changes to how NDPA handles races. Right now I am holding on any further mechanics changes until after Holy Fury drops and I can see what new stuff is available for modding since some of the things I have been trying to script around will now be supported by the engine.
  14. I have Holy Fury pre-ordered and have been following the dev diaries. I am hoping that some of the behind-the-scenes changes they are making fix the difficulties with religion modding and the stupid icon strip. If they do, it will make my compatibility modules so much easier to maintain. From what I have seen, they are also adding in a lot of traits that are popular in mods (e.g., left-handed). Women able to have concubines is another big deal I am going to be all over since I hate my hacked way of doing it.
  15. I agree wholeheartedly and that was my original plan. If I take @HanCloudstone's suggestion (which is very likely) and split between a release branch and a development branch, then anything I put in the release branch would need to work with compatibility modules I had designed for some of the major overhaul MODs out there.
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