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  1. That's not actually true anymore. I never used Vortex for anything until recently, so I can't talk about the past, but it definitely handles inis just fine right now, regardless of where they are. It doesn't install empty directories, but everything else gets copied into the data folder, regardless of its subfolder.
  2. So, why do you say never install with Vortex?
  3. Unfortunately majorly delayed. I lost a bunch of work because I made the mistake of jumping to 2.8 before ensuring that the tools available even work right. Short answer, they don't. Specifically, normals don't work. At all. Every model exported with those tools is totally flat-shaded, no matter what. On top of that, the old .blend files from the Steam Community thread don't work because the old tools expect everything to be facing backward, but the 2.8 tools expect them to be facing forward, and the model in the old .blend files can't be rotated properly because of some weird shit I can't fig
  4. So, I'm making this thread to ask if race support for Sexbound requires that race to be installed manually, or if it works through the workshop. I ask because I've seen a lot of conflicting information. For instance, Sexbound Neko Alternate says not to use the workshop version, while Sexbound Kemono's description includes links to download the race from the workshop. I've found others that say not to use the workshop and others that link to workshop downloads, but mostly just very little actual information. So, please help, I don't know what I can or can't use here.
  5. The race has to be installed manually for this, right?
  6. Sorry I didn't look into this sooner. Anyway, it's the .skin files. You're still using the default ones, so it's trying to map the vertices from the default Haydee model to your model. You have to save your own .skin files when you save the .mesh from EDITH. Also, you don't need to include all the files from the default Haydee folder, only the changed ones. You can just reference the original files in the Haydee folder from the .outfit file.
  7. Been working on this for a bit. Not quite finished yet.
  8. My load order should make that clear with the "++" mods. I build the Bashed Patch after any major changes and them manually fix elements of it via TESEdit. The list as seen in my first post had been sorted by LOOT and then manually changed. I also tried sorting by BOSS and then manually sorting, turning off the Bashed Patch to prevent issues from that not being rebuilt, and then tested. Same crash. Yes. Haven't. Lovers is lower in my install order than all other mods containing skeleton nifs. Made sure to check the conflicts list, too; Lovers wins all conflicts.
  9. Yep for those. Game's installed to C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Oblivion. In fact, Oblivion is the whole reason I moved my Steam install. I use Wrye Bash. The wording in the post makes it seem like that's only for step 4b, and not 4a as well. That said, it sounded like a suspicious option, so I didn't do it at first. I only removed them later in hopes of fixing the crashing. It still crashes with them in place.
  10. I just finished installing LAPF for the first time, and am attempting to test the framework with LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP from Supplemental Pack 1, but the game crashes to desktop every time I try to initiate sex. Masturbation with MB2 works. I've tried starting a new game to no avail. This is my load order: These are my installed OBSE plugins: MessageLogger output: The last line is probably causing the crash, but I don't know why or even if that's actually the case. Additionally, when I removed the numbered INIs as recommended in the installat
  11. Thanks for that! And no worries about packing the files, I usually use PKGTool to pack them all into FluffyQuack's .PKG format anyway.
  12. Could you possibly provide a screenshot of the two versions? I ask because I use Fluffy Manager 5000, and would like to add the images.
  13. Well, actually, I think someone in that thread made a comment about the body apparently having an abnormal bone setup, so that's primarily why I was looking for it.
  14. That's not what MCM is. MCM is a plugin that lets you configure mod options from a single menu in-game. Nothing like it exists for Oblivion, but if it did, it would make all those configuration spells and items obsolete.
  15. Does anyone have the body linked in this post? http://www.loverslab.com/topic/73-looking-for-this-body-replacer/?p=1019
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