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  1. Anybody managed to get visited by an npc in home with the Patreon version?
  2. Salem Story Part 3 Hi guys i leave a poll if you want to participate Cheers!
  3. I recommend you to check if you have any mod who change the lights, mesh or textures for the interiors. BTW anyone has a problem with the extended version when you about to "distract" nazeem in the sewer, the player character teleport to the entrance?
  4. Salem Story Part 2 PT2 ENDED, Note: Hi guys i decided to continue this story, the progress will be slow... if anyone want to help me with this story making poses send me private message i will appreciate it so much. A little preview.
  5. Hi. Thank you, the combat gear : https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/39743?tab=files Bodysuit from Vtaw 6 beta
  6. Salem Story Part 1 After barney gave orders to the Vault Dweller to activate the turrets. She was ambushed by a large mass of mirelurks... Alone with her pistol she cant take down the mirelurks... So she retreats to the bunker and ask Barney for help. Barney offer one of his best weapons to takedown the mirelurk very easy... .but Barney ask something in return,,, The Vault Dweller with no Caps and the necessity to leave the town... starts to think something to give in return.... Barney takes the player by surprise and then
  7. just an idea: What about npc from a hold or city who has sex with the player visit herhouse? a way the player can get her house visited should be after the sex with the npc (related with the mod) can start a dialogue with the player where can find her. The player can give the name of the house and get visited 48 hours. sorry for my english cheers!
  8. @brewmasterhal how can make my character have sex with Bobo again?
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