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  1. There are Hern and Hert in the Half-Moon Mill.
  2. Hello, I found an archived version. Maybe this would help you? https://web.archive.org/web/20141031163146/http://git.loverslab.com/sexlab/framework/wikis/function-quickstart
  3. Simply use this program to convert them yourself. It is pretty easy. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/23316
  4. I think the problem is, that UAP simply isn't updatet for BP70 2.5 yet. If you use BP70 2.4 it works without problems.
  5. Hi, I had the same problem. For me it helped to disable any kind of scaling in sexlab.
  6. Hi, maybe someone of you can help me. I am using the CBBE 3BBB https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/30174 body. My problem is, that the boobs are spazzing out whenever an animation changes its stages or I change the animation when using the smp mode. Could it have something to do with the short fps drop when changing animations? And does someone know how to maybe fix this. Thank you very much in advance^^
  7. Hello good people of LoverLab. Does anyone know were I still get the Real women of Skyrim or does someone still has the files? Thanks in advance.
  8. My experience is, that SMP has (at least for me) problems with high fluctuating fps, maybe it helps to cap them to something stable like 60fps via ENB.
  9. @zzyyxx Thanks for your reply but this sadly did not solve my problem. @rizzuh You are talking about CBP Physics but would like to get it to work with smp because there seems to bee CBP configs in the folder and also xml's for smp.
  10. Good evening, I am using Animal SOS and can't seem to get the animal collision to work. I am using the GR`ReGT_3Breast_SMP v2+anus.zip body. Maybe someone of can help me? Thanks in advance.
  11. I allready have the havok fix installed do I need to teak something in the Havokfix.ini? I also want to note, that if I install the Dibella Body version "GR`ReTouchedBD SE v2(anus+vag+3boobsbones+fullphysics).7z" I don't have the problem.
  12. Yeah did all that, and it is set to overwrite everything. I am using Vortex by the way.
  13. I need some help with the files from Gromillas signature. I am using the GR`ReGT_3Breast_SE_SMP v2+anus.7z file and get some form of "melting" as if a am using the wrong skeleton. I have simply overwritten the xpmsse one with the one in Gromillas file.
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