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  1. I used the umm "No damage sex pistol to generate orgies and no one got preggers. So, I'm not using AAF. I'm using the same mods that worked through several builds, yet no pregnants now! This is how I populate my settlements. Gonna make a clean save and try to go back to the old old stuff. I usually use FP 2.101+ hotfix + RSE 3.7.8
  2. You have to use regular CBBE or any "Morphs" compatible body with a pregnancy slider and an updated Bodyslide plugin. Rebuild all and make sure the "morphs" in the lower left corner is checked.
  3. Gah! All of a sudden no one is getting pregnant! I haven't been putting up recruitment towers, just equipping female settlers with the nudity/prostitution rings and letting them get pregnant. I use 2.101 + the hot or coldfix + RSE 3.7.8 Cannot figure out what going on :( I've uninstalled/reinstalled, cleaned saves...Everybody should be getting pregnant! The RSE is working fine, just not the baby mechanics. FP_FamilyPlanningEnhanced.esp
  4. I like them better than the super-hardcore ones. Thank You!
  5. Why give that crap credence? It doesn't work. Somehow I got cum overlays from somewhere else.
  6. Metallica "Sell out Hype" is because they threw the FIB at people that downloaded their music off Napster. Metallica got Napster shut down, and a girl I knew went to Federal prison. Fuck them! Fuck them x2! Most especially James Hetfield.
  7. So, NexusMods is making everyone change their password to 12 characters with this and that , and "2-step verification". LMAO! Fuck them. Anything I've uploaded over there, can be uploaded here, right? I'm not doing it. I bet they lose 75% of their membership. That just makes me mad! Dumbass Admin had a good thing and threw it right in the toilet. He screwed up and allowed virii to be hosted on that site so now everyone else has to suffer? I'm not having it. Their membership will dwindle to not a damn thing with
  8. [spoiler= "Spoilered" ] Heather, you ignorant slut! What's the best way to do image files here? IMgur Flipped out. [/spoiler]
  9. They're all splooged up. Heather too, it seems she's an ignorant slut. enb2018_5_20_23_31_53.bmp
  10. Fade to black turned into a random sex scene with the same npc.
  11. Where is the small "see if sexlab works" file? "Sexlabdebug"
  12. It works on a fresh install. Now to see what all will work with it,hopefully some NPC-adding mods.
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