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  1. So I downloaded the SLAL pack for MNC as well as creature framework pre 2. Now the problem is gone. SO yay!
  2. So I have creature framework with MNC, and then I start getting crashes. All the time. So I figure let us see what is going on in the logs. Well crash says [CF] then the error -missing armour. So I search and find something that says having arousal will stop the missing armour bug. So I put it in, but I don't install it as I have arousal redux. So I play for a bit and yeppers that seems to have fixed it. Until just now. It's back! So I asking for help, cause I am out of ideas. Thank you in advance. so here is the log, load order and my first born (if I had one)... So thanks to anyone who has any idea *hugs* Papyrus.0.log load order.docx
  3. Question: Does it work for male followers? Also rated 5 stars for the animations! Brilliant!
  4. Chaos_Lord, Thank you!! It is now installed and running. So I am going back to Skyrim to play! I love the tingles I get just before I open something!!! I love this mod! Thank you, Kimy! Thank you again Chaos_Lord!!!
  5. Love this mod, just having a problem...installing the newest version. NMM (which I use not being a computer genius) unpacks it and then begins installing it but never finishes it. I have tried three times. I downloaded DCL from Mega a second time just to make sure I hadn't goofed up. However, it still will not install. Does anyone have any advice as I hate to play without this mod?
  6. Greetings to all! I just have to say I love this site; not just for the creations (which are vast and varied) but for the amazing people. Thank you for the mods, the help and the everything! *waves*
  7. Just wanted to say thank you for creating this program! THANK YOU!
  8. I think male on female and female on male is planned for the next update. Excellent! Thank you!
  9. I have noticed when my female pc is getting pleasured orally that the mod plays lines as if she was pleasuring a male orally rather than the reverse. Also I notice there are few lines for lesbian sex. Also could there be more violent/rape lines for humanoids. I know there are a few and thank you for them. However, some seem a bit tame, considering some of the new animations. Thank you.
  10. I love this mod, thank you for creating it!
  11. Love your animations. Thank you for creating and sharing. One question, do you have to have creature mods if you don't want creature sex? I currently have no mods for creature sex and after once having tried to use them, my computer melted. Thank you again.
  12. I just finished the Deeja/Jarerah quest line and I have to say I LOVE IT!! Brilliant work! It was too funny. I reloaded after I escaped to see what would happen if I didn't and it was just as fun!!! Lovely mod! Thank you for creating it!!!
  13. I just wanted to thank Xaz and Zaz for this wonderful mod. Thank you for creating and sharing this mod!!!
  14. They are completely harmless. Just ignore them as fixing them would just take too much time. I know you say they are completely harmless; however, I am a complete noob at reading my papyrus. I am trying to find the error that is causing my game to CTD constantly and these warnings are filling up my log. I know you said it would take too long to fix, but is there a way someone who has no knowledge about programming could fix it so she could read her papyrus without these and find the true culprit behind my crashes. Thank you for the mod and your time! Papyrus.0.log
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