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  1. looks like calm enemies during act are still broken? i finish the "act" and now nobody wants to be my enemy..
  2. do you have a discord channel where i can say all the bugs i ve encountered using the old version?
  3. is this real life? or is this a fantasy? im so excited my favorite mod finally getting updated thanks Spirit_Shard....
  4. how do i make so that if i milk the player.. not only the MME milk but also the SGO milk got milked. instead of only MME milk, and SGO milk stayed unmilked
  5. why does it say partner did not cum. eventhough the animation hasnt even started yet? how am i supposed to fix this? edit:
  6. do i dump your files to bodyslide folder? EDIT i tried dumping this files to SliderData folders and overwriting the CBBE Bodyslide conversion.. and it doesnt works..
  7. Skyrim Special Edition 2021-01-31 16-51-11_x264.mp4 is this video enough evidence? in this video i only show you the compass.. but trust me, the inequality part is also like this.. the other problem i found was the export function wont save the section where you cant have sex when you re too tired part and the section where it said drain stamina and mana after sex. i can make more evidence video, if you want.. EDIT: see the video at 00:20. The compass appears as intended but at 00:30. it disappeared again.. And the only way to make it works as intended is the way
  8. Is it because i use the SE version? I don't have LE on me. So can someone clarify if you also have the same import problem as i am?
  9. its been like this for 10 min (Actioning settings). Am i missing something here? And for the report.. the option dremora cums corrupt and the one draining your mana and stamina after sex is not properly toggled when im importing. And also i need to manually go back to disable -> go to skyrim -> back to MCM and enable it again for it to work, this happens in the MAPS section. and the Inequality section.
  10. i dont think that will work for me sadly.. i use CBBE 3BBB. So it needs more than running it through CAO.
  11. im waiting for the SE version. Good luck guys..
  12. i got "NIOverride is not installed" error message. when i use the patch in the dropbox :(. And also i checked mods in SLIF and it only shows ABBA and SLIF no Mana Tanks at all. i tried the patch with new game too. same problem. any ideas?
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