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    Advanced Medical Scanner

    7KeysCurtain, Time to get the shotgun out. Chet's a deadman. fssntuff
  2. fssntuff

    Advanced Medical Scanner

    Securenym, Something I noted, when I checked pregnancy stats on companions, I noticed that "Chet" was listed as both mother and father. Might be a bug, not sure. Otherwise, I need to get my shotgun and have a "Talk" with Chet messing with my woman. Fssntuff
  3. fssntuff

    Unethical Deeds EE (WIP)

    NkAlex, The game function of "autorun" where if you move instead of being in walk mode you are running. I have tried lots of different things, FalloutPrefs.ini changing the autorun variable to "0", etc. No luck. As to "somewhere" I was trying to figure out why I had no crowd reactions and searching the forums here, in those searches, I ran across a comment that the player character had to be walking in order for NPC bystanders to react. Since I can't turn off the "autorun" I can not be sure if that is the cause or not. Fssntuff
  4. fssntuff

    Unethical Deeds EE (WIP)

    NkAlex, In my case, I have never had any crowd reactions at all. I am not sure if it is related to "autorun" feature or not. I saw something about needing to be walking somewhere, I can't remember. However I have a kludge version of the game, running steam via playonmac, so somethings like tend to be a bit strange. Fssntuff
  5. fssntuff

    Unethical Deeds EE (WIP)

    Okay, now really confused. I have never gotten any reaction with "crowds" no one does anything. I must be missing something. What version are you using?
  6. fssntuff


    Is there supposed to be a actual selection in the MCM menu? The only that shows up is User sub category and no options. It never seems to actually effect any bystanders. Am I missing something?
  7. It depends by how much you want to round these values. Extrapolating correct values could result almost impossible. As asdasfa already said, the quantity of morphes depends by how the body was weighted. A morph that scales at 90% on a body could result like another one that scales at 85% on a different body type, it's all in how it was weighted. If your goal is maintaining proportions, in my opinion your best deal would be forgetting about math and simply jump in game, morph, and write down some "templates", something like Arms 3 - chest 5- spine 4 etc.etc.etc. then script a mod that applies these templates only and randomizes them among the npcs. A.J., *nods* I am doing both, crunching some numbers, and also testing to see how it appears in game. the biggest issue is not actually being able to run FNVEdit to build custom races. I might have to change my installation, the microsoft "net" files do not play well with linux. I will see what happens in my investigations and pass on any results that are worth noting to you folks. Thanks for your input and help. Fssntuff
  8. Asdasfa, From what I can gather, the change variation is .7 to 1.3 in .05 increments. I will have to do some screen captures and see if I can figure out the scalar values. I don't think they use a linear one. I'll let you know what I find. Fssntuff
  9. It is indeed limited by BodyMorph. Oh, alright. It doesn't really need to be equipped. I actually just set the biped slot to stop the GECK from throwing warnings, I'll just unset it from the slot. It should not be automatically equipped anymore. Will upload shortly. I'm afraid there is no documentation about that as it is dependent on your body replacer and how it is weighted. You will have to test it yourself with the body replacer you're using. Also, support for lower parts (Thighs, calves, feet) are removed from the latest version of BodyMorph as it messes up IK, so just leave the values at 0, 0. I just left it there just in case it comes back. Asdasfa, Okay, if I use the mean height for male caucasian in U.S. from 2013 at 5 foot 10 inches, and the scale factor from the game uses that as 1.0 with "setscale" in the console, if I know the percentage change for a single increment for each element (bone) , I should be able to extrapolate the values and give you a good idea of the change in inches. Then one could set the female caucasian to have a mean of 5 feet 5 inches. I would think one would have to change all the elements to maintain proportion of the entire body. From what I can see in the .esp each is independent. Is this correct or did I miss something? fssntuff
  10. fssntuff

    Unethical Deeds

    Tomm, Was there ever a solution to the companion sex issue, where instead of the selected sex type, (vaginal, anal, oral etc) it is random? Fssntuff
  11. Asdasfa, First, thank you, this is what I was looking for, diversity in the NPCs adds depth to the game. I have a question, is there any documentation on what the different morph elements actually do and the range in actual size? (inches and or cm) I ask so I could use the statistical data of various races to set the variables to be representative. There is more then enough Anthropometry data available to set the ranges for a race to the 70 percent zone of the various samples. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. fssntuff

    Sexout Spunk

    All, I happen to notice a post in this thread by a arm chair critic. After thinking about it for a bit, I have decided to put my $0.25 cents in. I used to do mods for games. Not the "Fallout/Morrowwind" series. I my case it as "Star Fleet Command". I played the table top game, from Amarillo Design Bureau back when it came out in 1979. So when Star Fleet Command came out, as basically a computerized version of the table top game, I was thrilled. The thing was, the models in the game were not based off the miniatures, and the rules were not in line with the ADB game. So I started drawing. I built Kzinti, Tholians, Lyrans, Hydrans, Federation, Klingon, Roman, Intersellar Concordium, et all. The miniatures from my collection in 3D to great detail. I edited the rule and specs and the Ship System Displays to make the work in the game. When I published them on a site for other folks to use. Most of the comments were positive, but there where the arm chair critics. "Why didn't you do clan badges for the Kzinti?", "Where are the ship markings for the Lyrans?" "How come you don't differentiate between Imperial Klingon Ships and Klingon Penal Ships?" I spent a lot of my free time, drawing, modifying code, making plug-ins, researching items in the various volumes of the Star Fleet Battles Rules and going through old editions of "Captain's Log" I had and tracking down copies to insure I got the rule changes. A mod changes a game, it is not complied into it. I could not change the logic of the main code, I could only modify what it did. That creates limitations as to what I could do (and what the folks working on Fallout/Morrowind can do). A mod can't be debugged the same way the main game code can, and you can't test it with every other mod out there. There are going to be issues. Sometimes there is a fix, other times two mods just won't work with each other, and the user has to make a choice. The only thing I ever asked for was, "Thanks, I enjoy using your mod." I think in the comments on my work, about one fifth of them were that simple, positive feed back. Most were, "I like what you have done, but. . . ." or "You suck" or worse. I no longer make mods for games for public use. That pretty much cured me of it. I still do things for myself, but no longer share. So, while my experience over a decade old, it seems there are still the "Arm Chair Critics". To them I say, "TAANSTAFAL" There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. This mod and every other one, cost time, effort on the part of the creator(s), frustration is testing, loss of gaming time, just to make something to share. The payment required is simple, say "Thank you for making this mod". If you hate it, follow my Grandmother's advice, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all". To Doctasax, Halstrom, ZAZ and all the others who have given up their time to make this and other mods for use, "Thank you!, I appreciate your effort and time for creating this and other mods for me to use." Sorry to disrupt the flow of the forum, but had to get it off my chest. F(ast)SSN(Attack)TUFF
  13. fssntuff

    Sexout Spunk

    DoctaSax, Pregnancy is working with arousal and lust tracking now. Bravo Zulu! Keep up the awesome work. FSSNTUFF
  14. fssntuff

    Sexout New Vegas Pregnancy

    Halstrom, Is it possible to add a Follower/NPC to the medical scanner. From what I see it calls a SCR reference to the named NPCs, but rather just make a sub .esp that I can add medical scanner references to. Fssntuff
  15. fssntuff

    Sexout Spunk

    Doctasax, It works for Player Character, unfortunately, NPC's can't be enticed into using it.