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  1. Excellent work but... What is the mod to have these followers of the witcher? Where can I download?
  2. Anyone had a information about updates of game? PS:Srry for my poor english.​
  3. have not discovered anything yet​, I keep wandering through the maps, repeating each action slowly and nothing ... Anyone help?
  4. The walkthrough is here, i guess.
  5. I'm a stuck in a part here in the game, rigth after i take Liesel to church and do a boobjob on her, i do not know how to continue the game, i'm walking in circles, going from one kingdom to another, can anyone help me? I finished the Sultana quest, there is something else to do or not, because as I said earlier I'm lost. Help me please!
  6. I realized now that the fish was a genie's joke.
  7. where can i find the fish for the quest?
  8. Does anyone know where I can download this new version of the game?
  9. Only one word to describe these screens of Aela: Awesome !!! Please if you would like to see gifs fucking her, the images are perfect! Congratulations!!!!
  10. Beautiful work, you could put the links to download the armor dandelion, Lady Sexy Armor, Rogue Elite Armor, Armor Mini-Karliah, Temptress of Flame Armor, Blade and Soul Armor Negligee, Temptress of Ice Armor, Armor Ageha, Aradia Gold Armor, Rogue Armor Valkyrie Armor and Doomed? I loved your work!
  11. Hi you have the link to download the Dandelion armor? because his was the best version I've seen!
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