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  1. You don't need to buy megasync to download from it, not sure where you're getting that you need to buy it to download. it downloads a certain % of the file then stops and ask me to get premium
  2. is MEGA the only server? i really need DD for a lot of mods and MEGA wants money to let me download it
  3. i think "underground bathhouse and paradise valley" would make a perfect base for evilynn. you can take the abducted victims to the dark area for training, once enslaved they can roam in the common areas until needed, there's room for 14 npcs or more
  4. Are you running FNIS through MO, rather than using a desktop icon to run the generator? Edit: If you don't know how here is Gopher's video on how to install and run FNIS using MO - cant run FNIS through MO, so i installed it manually
  5. installed the last version of every req, but still have no iddles. FNIS is not reading sexlab when installed with MO help please
  6. pet collar is the only req? i have it installed but the game ctd on start when i install this mod
  7. i have all the recs but the game ctd on start, i tried disabling all other mods but still the same
  8. the bug when you talk to the molag bal priestess and you cant move is because the mod is incompatible whit custom races, i had the problem whit succubus and temptress races, so i change to breton and now works fine
  9. no quest starts after reading aymee's letter, and i have no dialogue whit her. any chance of starting it from console?
  10. i finished both quests but the dremora dont show me the option to train companions, i tried with different npcs(vanilla and custom) but nothing happens
  11. only the vampire lord has options, cant talk to the rest of creatures ed: solved, it was my mistake, works perfect. sry ed2: any1 knows if exists any body replacer or nude suit for vampire lords??
  12. when animation starts the camera is fixed, i can move only up and down. and when it finish the npc keeps moving like having sex but with clothes on fnis 4.1 and hotfix installed but it does noting
  13. the "wounded" stat has gone but my pc never recover her regeneration (health, stamina, magicka) i tried showracemenu, dispelallspells, uninstall the mod, setavregeneration... but i still no regenerating, is like being a vamp in the daylight. it can be fixed somehow?? help me please i dont whant to start over from helgen
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