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  1. One thing I would like to ask for is to re-implement the feature that locks the MCM for DD when the player is tied. Kind of like: "Oh, this is too hard to get out of, let me just reset the difficulty..." On another note though, I do love the changes to the difficulty sliders. Thank you for that.
  2. That comes from Sexist Comments, possible that the keygiving event is not tied to any of the comment toggles. I suggest going to them and asking if they can fix it It is the follower helpful comments toggle.
  3. Here's a link to a mod I'm using. Most likely this is the same that Kimy's referring to. Thank you!
  4. Idea... Would it be possible to remove the "empty" marking from empty containers. That way you don't know whether to bypass it or not?
  5. It is more fun knowing there is not an option to cheat.
  6. Hm as for me everything is working, keys from additem doesn't appear in inventory and punishment events are working well... Mb you use old version of additem? Ah, add item menu was out of date. That fixed it thank you.
  7. I started a new game with v1.04 and everything works fine, except that the additem menu option does not show up in mcm and it does not trigger events if keys are added through it. Having updated to v1.05 now, I still get the same results. It seems like the mod, or mcm, is not recognizing additem menu.
  8. If they don't like the coc and such as a feature they could simply disable that part in mcm, no?
  9. Adding the coc command might also be a good idea.
  10. Are you a sub, dom or neither as they all have different dialogue sets. Use sqv cdxslavery_player and look up the value for Enslavetype and let me know what it is. I don't see an Enslavetype anywhere in the list that command brings up. My character is sub though.
  11. I'm still having a problem where the master starts the conversation for relationship slave, but after her second line of the conversation, the conversation just ends and nothing progresses. Can someone help please?
  12. I'm having an issue with some of masters dialogue. She starts saying she needs to speak to me. Then says that she knows that I like the belt, but thinks I want something more. After that, the conversation just ends.
  13. I had an idea, if no one has had it yet... I was thinking that, with the dollmaker now being able to repair jammed locks, that there could be a new possible outcome for the bondage adventure dialogue. Something like, "you look so good in your restraints. I think we should make them permanent". Then the PC gets a message box saying that <insert npc> inserts a piece of metal into your locks and jams them. You should look for special help to get free". Or something along those lines...
  14. Hi, Every time I go to the second floor of the manor my character starts to get a flickering effect as soon as she gets to the top of the stairs. Once the effect starts, it never ends. This is the only location in the game that has caused this. I would really appreciate any help you can give. -Zhash
  15. One idea I had... Currently your jailer will reapply any DD's the pc was wearing when they were arrested. What about a feature where, if you were not wearing DD's when arrested(but had them in your inventory), the jailer may equip a few of them on you. Something like, "I noticed you had been carrying these before your arrest. I think they would look good on you.
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