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  1. I have the same problem as hambonee69. The races from this and your bird races have squashed breasts for me.
  2. Outfit looks great but was wondering if you were planning of making a bhunp version?
  3. No worries! I never mess with CK and I appreciate the help anyway. Thank you.
  4. Well i tried it and it looked like it worked for some but not others. I selected all the npcs and did the export so i don't know if i did it right or not🤷‍♂️
  5. How hard would it be to go about making a patch for this mod? The only problem is the grey face bug on the added npcs https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/5017?tab=description
  6. Would anyone have a flaccid or rolled up mesh of this? for bulge making purposes
  7. So it started when i was walking down from the collage of Winterhold as soon i got the "Winterhold discovered" I crash. I tried coc to the shine of Azura and to the inn in Winterhold and both times I crash whenever i get to Winterhold. I have no clue why its happening because as far as i know every other place is fine. I can't think of mod that I've downloaded that effects Winterhold other than the "Immersive collage of Winterhold". But I always have that my load order and its just now happening. If some could help I would really appreciate it. Load order and Papyrus. loadorde
  8. I love that everyone just goes "if it doesn't work perfectly in my load order then the mod is bad so just delete and forget." Instead of trying to provide details to help. 🤣
  9. Could you post them? I got no idea what im doing😅
  10. Well as weird as this is spiders do have a spinneret and a game called corruption of champions you can penetrate a driders (half spider half human) spinneret.
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