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  1. Vanilla extended stuff can cause issues with other mods, but I am not sure if it still has problems with RJW, or rather, problems that cause permanent damage. Proceed with caution, but you could at least try it out as long as you are comfortable wit the idea that you might have to start over, aka: Dwarf Fortress mentality. Losing is fun! Supposedly.
  2. Imagine feeling insulted about me joking around and not even addressing you and even thinking what I said must be my opinion as if what I stated was serious in nature. Anyway, Ed's mod, Ed's morals. If you don't like it, you can always make a personal fork of RJW and make the changes you want.
  3. Don't be silly. Only people can be raped. That means it's ok! Hump all the rocks, dogs or docks; it's the society that it at fault and you wouldn't want to be like one of those facebook staring homos now would you?
  4. You need to fertilize the eggs with a male ovipositor. Also, proper Nearmare english patch is up: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2213525330
  5. It's always recommended to completely delete the old RJW folder when updating and preferable removing the old configuration file as well. Regardless, glad you got it working!
  6. Well then it must mean there is no issue at all and everyone who is having issues in this thread and the RJW developer must just be lying, amirite? Anyway, as long as you don't press the Prepare Carefully button you can keep the mod in your modlist though now that the unofficial Psychology mod no longer requires it as a dependency, there can't be that many reason to keep having it on your list.
  7. Considering tech like that would probably be archotect level, there wouldn't be a lore friendly mod for that.
  8. You get what you pay for. And since you obviously have gone trough all the settings and such before asking help (because only a selfish assclown would ask other people to use their time to help them before using their own time first trying to help themselves), what other advice would there be to give besides to get rid of the mods that are causing the issues? You can also contribute code to RJW to fix any possible issue from RJW's side as the mod is open source.
  9. Hero mode allows you to set a hero designated pawn to consent to things like breeding with animals regardless if the pawn has the required traits, snuggles with a struggle regardless if your pawn wants to do it or not, etc. For per player control, you might want to check the multiplayer mod (I'm pretty sure RJW supports the multiplayer mod at least in theory considering the relevant .dll is included). You can also both have a hero character that way. Check the first page for more information about that. Not sure if multiplayer mod prevents you from being able to controlling each other's pawns, tho. Never used it. But hey, you are adults and you can probably follow house rules. As for babies, RJW in itself offers only the pregnancy part of babies really. You can find more information concerning this by checking the settings labeled Pregnancy or something like that. For actual meaningful childhood (or earlier) gameplay you'll need a third-party solution. The first page gives some suggestions. You can also just set your babies to be "born" as something like 14 yar olds and they can then take part in running the colony without issues. Once again, check the settings for possibilities. You can also use the included CuM menu (or what it was called) for non-cheaty way to add passions and traits. At least I think this is an RJW feature and not added by some other mod, but who knows. When you get old your memory is the first thing to go then followed by the memory.
  10. A trailing whitespace, eh? Heh. Wonder how that ended up there.
  11. Then you aren't using the version of Psychology linked in the first page of the thread or you do not know what you are doing or what you have installed and how it is supposed to function.
  12. Try deleting the settings file for RJW and see if it fixes it. Also just in case, make sure that psychology is actually set to use its own sexuality distribution instead of vanilla.
  13. Do you have the exact version of psychology linked in the first page of the thread? Is your load order set properly? Did you use Prepare Carefully? Do you have the latest version of RJW?
  14. There is a pull request on hugslib's github page that seems to give it 1.2 support made by Erdelf (the creator of Humanoid Alien Races), but whether Ed86 decides to use that is up to him (not sure if any of those other changes in the request are even relevant and if it was just a matter of changing the about.xml to add 1.2 support which would mean there is no real problem in running hugslib on 1.2 to begin with).
  15. Fair enough. Not sure what changes are necessary for 1.2 (haven't really familiarized myself what the patch changed internally), but you can see the development activity for RJW here: https://gitgud.io/Ed86/rjw/activity Nothing visible there for the past few days, but on the previous page of this thread, the author asked "any last words" referring to 1.1 update to come (I presume). This update may or may not be compatible with 1.2 or 1.2 support may come later depending on how much needs to be changed. Ed86 has lots of other mods to support as well (like he has been maintaining some abandoned RJW addons for example), so It could be a while. He could be researching what 1.2 compatible version of RJW needs or he might just be taking a break so just be patient. And I know it can be frustrating to have no concrete info about when an update might hit, but I also know it is frustrating if a date or time window is given and then for some reason cannot be attained it can frustrate both users and modder alike. Edit: it is also worth to note that just because the gitgud doesn't show activity, does not necessarily mean no work has been done. It just means that no work on locally hosted files has been pushed (uploaded) to gitgud.
  16. You get what you pay for. You could always contribute some code to make things go faster.
  17. Wake me up when it's Christmas.
  18. I found it and was disappointed as it did not live up to the hype. So this is where the mainline RJW draws the line. Heh. (never actually checked if this was possible, but kind of surprising if it actually isn't. CBA to check since booting the game takes like 30 minutes for me)
  19. Yeah. How will mankind cope? Especially if one is of the disposition that meat is ruined when there is hair in it. It's a good thing that RJW does not allow this kind of degeneracy.
  20. So after being slightly disturbed, yet fascinated of Skömer's profile banner pic, I decided to google the man and after some shenanigans, I found this: https://github.com/hamu-taro/Rimworld-JPRJWH/ It is woefully out of date version of RJW (for v1.0 of RW), with some custom changes that might appeal to a discerning person of a rather.... acquired taste of having their meat rather rare would be a way to put it so if that is your thing and you happen to be a legacy player for god knows what reason, have a looksie, but unless you know Japanese, use a translating tool.
  21. You could have bothered to at least read the last page of this thread.
  22. Read the first page of this thread. If issue persist, provide additional details.
  23. Should have read the last pages of Licentia Labs thread.
  24. You can use the devmode or Character Editor to alter part sizes or install the Licentia Labs rjw submod also found on these boards for other means.
  25. Good answer. You need to update the game. Should work then. Just don't use the unstable builds.
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