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  1. This is why I still think it would be a good idea for Turbo to implement a native prostitution system to WW. Nisa's mod is fine and all and does the job, but when you're literally only using the mod for one single thing and shutting the rest off through the settings, why bother with having another huge mod in your folder at that point. All I want is to have it where you have a flexible (as in, you decide how you want to work it) but simple prostitution system. With the ability to have varied reactions to your performance, which could affect how much you get paid.
  2. I am currently playing my household of my six dancers living in SanMy. They're split evenly, 3M - 3F (It's a bisexual strip club, though only two of the dancers are actually bi). Anyway, I regularly have them host parties on the weekends that turn into these orgies among friends and such. Once you get everyone going, It's honestly kind of hot. Especially since my Sims, while having a more "vanilla" aesthetic, are pretty realistically proportioned. My two most played Sims in that household, a MF bi couple, are in an open relationship in regards to sex, and they'll regularly have a good time with whomever they find attractive. I try not to have something going constantly though to keep things fresh.
  3. Oooh, that all sounds great. But I'm particularly interested in the "Showering Together" thing, and that seems like one of the smaller additions! Lol. I've been wanting a way for couples to bathe together for a really long time now. Especially after sex.
  4. From my playing time today, unless I'm just missing something about how it works, I really wish the nudity/cum reactions were a little more spread out. I like having that feature on for realism purposes, but it gets a little tiresome when they react to it constantly. Edit: According to the documentation provided by Turbo, they should only react to it physically once and then according to him the reactions only appear as thought bubbles. But in my game they keep having it pop up in the queue and drop what they're doing to physically react to it. Strange.
  5. If anyone remembers that "Sweaty" Wicked Attribute suggestion I made, I've got something similar. I've had several ideas floating around now that could make use of WAs in the form of more "vanilla" fetishes. The idea I'm about to post below is inspired by my most played Sim and would be just perfect for him. Natural Scent - This Sim has a woody, natural scent that they constantly give off. While some Sims may find this irresistible, others might not find it so pleasing. Ideally, what would be great is to tie this into desire. I'm not exactly sure how you'd dictate who finds it attractive, but the idea is that those that do would gain sexual desire around Sims with this WA. But I would personally love more WAs like this idea.
  6. LOL, yeah I've had plenty of that. I think it really depends on the animations involved as to how it makes something feel. Several of them can be over the top. But the more natural looking ones in a sequence, it does really make a difference. This particular encounter was what I considered arousing because my Sim's gf was positioned in a way where it was as though she was able to watch him having fun while she was doing the same with someone else.
  7. I thought this would be a fun thread for everyone to post in about the different ways we play with WW. Sometimes, even with all of the features it provides, you potentially like real life might also need some inspiration to keep things fresh, so this could be good for that too. For me, it's nothing extremely outrageous. I've mentioned in other threads that I have my six dancers living in the penthouse in SanMy. Recently I had the idea to throw a house party that was also a big orgy where everyone could relax, have some fun and grab something to eat, etc. Once all the guests were actually there, it took some time to get everything going. But it was pretty hot having everyone in the main room together going at it. Two of my dancers, a MF couple, are both bi and I had the guy's gf having fun with another of my male dancers while he had fun with another guest. It was pretty neat to watch it all play out. What about everyone else?
  8. I know there were several older mods that did this, but I haven't seen any of them updated in a very long time. I thought it might could be done through WW, but even with "Dress Up for Interactions" unchecked, they still switch to a towel. Does anyone know how to do this?
  9. This might be kind of a niche request, but I'd love to have a way to send an active dancer to the Strip Club without controlling them. I'm currently playing a household consisting of my six dancers. Sometimes I want to send someone on ahead without switching immediately, or have one stay behind while the rest go to work. It's a small thing but it would complement my gameplay style greatly.
  10. So I just had an idea for a "cooldown" setting or something. Obviously this would probably work best as a setting you could turn on or off. But as it stands, it really would be good to have something like this. With WW as it is now, it's a little too easy to have a Sim constantly having sex over and over and keep scoring a new moodlet every time. With a cooldown or something, I think that would handle this nicely. So like after an encounter is over, you could have the options grayed out or something along with a little tool tip notice saying you have to wait a bit. Something like this: "____ needs to rest a while before having sex again."
  11. Hehe, yes that's right. I must've been typing fast the other day and didn't notice that. I'm usually good about spelling, because I'm the one pointing out "your vs you're" lol.
  12. I was wondering if anyone's come across such a mod. I frequently get annoyed by how Sims talk with each other in TS4. I have them talk a lot of times before getting down to business and there's just way too much hand wavy, over the top stuff going on there. I just want something that makes it look like people having a regular conversation.
  13. I think what's really needed more than anything else is more variety in impact/situational sounds. The default voices do well enough for "sex talk" so to speak, but a lot of the BJ sounds are just eating sounds. And penetration is just way too quiet a lot of times. It's like, everything looks good, sure. But giving it that extra oomph would go a long way towards making scenes sound better. And you wouldn't necessarily need extra voices for any of that for people like me who are satisfied with the default voices.
  14. Another thought I've had is that "Raw Is Law" would really work better as a reward trait I think than a personality trait. Even if you use mods to increase the number of slots, traits like these that are really only for one thing surrounding a Sim's personality work best as an RT since you can have as many of those as you want. It would honestly really work the best as a Wicked Attribute since this sort of requires WW anyway. But I'm not sure if Turbo has anything on how to add new ones, attributes that is. They basically work the same way, you just don't have to "buy" them with satisfaction points.
  15. I probably would yeah for any instance of it. EA probably only does it themselves because it's the name of the game, but I always notice when other mods don't do it. It's just nice to have consistency, y'know? Thanks for humoring my inability to just let small things slide haha.
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