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  1. You are a SAINT, THANK you. I didn't know this was a necessary step!
  2. I did! I'm manually dragging them in one by one just to be ABSOLUTELY SURE that they're going into the right place and nothing! At this point, I'm just struggling/cutting my way out of the items so that I can at least have my limbs back. I can't stand the......"I have no legs and arms" look. EDIT: I can drop the objects from my inventory and they show up in the game world as objects just fine. They just....won't show up ON ME.
  3. She's female. i re-downloaded the mod and all of the requirements just to make sure I didn't miss anything. And I remembered to allow the CBBE body stuff in the options.
  4. Having issues with the meshes for the boots, gloves, corset, etc. that you get after the first trip to the dream world not appearing on my model. The meshes show up in the items menu just fine, but they aren't appearing on my model. Did I do a bad? I downloaded everything that I was told to in requirements...
  5. KICKS THE DOOR DOWN I have a new, hearty computer that's ready to test this stuff out again! Reinstalling everything but the clothes because that's gonna take forever, I'm lazy, and I don't want to deal with it. also some of the links are dead so there's that Hopefully, updates are going to continue! I remember this being one of my favorite worlds to play KW things with! @Coyotl , feel free to message me if you'd like an UPDATE to work with. ?
  6. Has development of this world come to a halt? It seems like people aren't making worlds focused around KW anymore (I have a couple of guesses as to why, but that's neither here nor there)...
  7. I have sorted my mods with Loot and then adjusted accordingly for those that were kind of just tossed all over the place. Some were installed with NMM (I have an awful installation record with Mod Manager) and some were installed manually. For those installed with NMM, I made absolutely sure to verify that it was okay to install them with it first (they were all either Sexlab-labeled mods or from Nexus). After installng them through NMM, I made sure that all necessary folders and files went to the proper location. I've reinstalled the mod a number of times. And it's eeeevery a
  8. Still no changes regarding having sperm being registered after sex, even with Bane's most recent patch. Is anyone able to help? At all?
  9. It has been SO long since I last posted in here....and I'm here with the same old problem as last time, LMAO. BeeingFemale is giving me a permanent "Beeing Female is loading" message in its MCM menu with the loading code of (I think) 00 00 00 00 FF. What's the haps? Do I have too many mods in? Tried the "bf" console commands and got the old "code doesn't exist" messages. Been looking for solutions in the thread for a couple of days now, but I figured I'd give a shout! For reference, the AddOn esm is towards the top of my load order (I figured I should put it lower, but I wasn'
  10. HUGE UPDATE! I fiddled with files some more and now the game is at least booting up. I can get into the game and load it and everything. I'm going to try doing one more thing on my own, but for now, assume that everything is okay. I don't know what was causing the game to not load (I was still having issues before with both Reloaded and Alternate Beginnings turned off), but I'm not gonna fuss. Thank you so much to everyone that helped me out!!!!
  11. Prior to the post I JUST made, it was when I was trying to start a new game itself. I haven't even gotten into the game itself at all.
  12. Oh Jesus. I updated my Hiyoko and Tamago like @fejeena told me to in PMs and now it's not even loading to the starting screen. Turned off Oblivion reloaded, put my Oblivion .ini file exactly back to the way it was and it didn't help at all. Oblivion Reloaded has been 100% removed (it's really not worth the hassle.) Posting my new load order in this post, just so everyone knows what I'm working with. LO 043018.txt
  13. They weren't even in when I built my bashed patch. Also Archive invalidated. I can't get into a new game at all is the problem; it crashes when trying to load it. Going to try the instructions from the person before you, though! I let you know in PMs that I'd already read your yellow link and it wasn't able to help me. Thanks, though.
  14. Oh my god, you're a saint. I couldn't find ANY of this information on the Nexus. I'll be poring over it, make changes I need to, and hopefully, everything will be good. I'll update this after I do so!
  15. Hey everyone! So I have gotten back into trying to play Oblivion and I decided to use way fewer mods than I used to. The fact that a lot of mods have updated and merged with others is also really useful and makes it easier for me. That said, I've been fiddling with my load order for the last couple of hours and I keep having my game crash as my game loads up. I've tried using the BOSS masterlist to figure out where things should go, I've tried using the "Yellow Link" that talks about load orders, I've tried using the BOSS framework site to figure out what mods go in which categories...
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