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  1. I can imagine how tedious it can be. But here is the question: you have some sims that use different default for same part for example one would have one type of breasts the other would have different, do you have any conflicts with them in your game, like one type overrides the other? Or the game manage to store all the different defaults? Thank you.
  2. Hi, I love your sims and I am slowly adding them into my game and here is the question: do you have them in your game with all the mods that are required for them with no problems? Thing is that I don't just copy paste mods a specially sims, so I go through all the mods that comes with the sims to see if there duplicates or extra body mods, and I noticed that your sims have a lot of different defaults for the same parts, Arianna Matthews even has 3 different defaults for feet is that supposed to be that way? Shouldn't defaults be like one of each type for body part or they are being used for specific sim through the tray files and the conflict might be only if I'll try to make my own sims? Thank you.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I sure will redownload Lilith. And about Lily that must be it, I am still debating myself I need those mods (except for WW) in my game, not sure how npc sims will behave with them, but now I know what was the issue, once again thank you
  4. Do you meant attractiveness story progression? Are those two even relate to each other? So if I didn't write it down the only way to check again is by choosing get to know option? Well it says in the game that the option to fake and impress are related to persuasion skill but there is no progression in levelig that skill. Or maybe it just so small and I need to do that fake personality also. I just want to understand how this mechanic works in game since atm I am somewhat confused.
  5. I have a couple questions about personalities: is there a way to check what personalities other sims have after the point when the game tells you, what is the point of persuasion skill? When my sims don't know someone they can try to fake personality but after you get to know them that option disappears and in friendly dialog options only my sims personality topics remain, so then what is the point in that? What one has to do with it? It is a good idea but i don't really get it. Thank you.
  6. Hello. Love your sims and hope to see more of them. But I am having a problem, unfortunately, Lilith Vatore and Lily Fang are missing some CC. I think it is nails, since on her picture in mod description she has long ones, but in my game they are short, also just for some more info: in the mods folder for Lilith I have 31 package, body presets 1, default 1, sliders 12; and in folder for Lily: in mods 38, body 2 and 12 in sliders. Can it be a problem with body defaults? Could you please help me with that. Thank you.
  7. Continuing on the topic. Unfortunately kindly provided by wongfoo2003 link had almost everything but one thing that I was looking for: Monster Dildo. Could someone provide me with a working download link or a package for it? Since the adfly link on official blogspot is just broken it does not redirect to download page but to some weird page. Thank you.
  8. The thing was that I skipped adfly by normal pressing x and using extension, but both times it just tried to load some dodgy page that my antivirus blocked, it was not another adfly or mediafire as it supposed to be. So I didn't want to take the risks with some random shit.
  9. Thank you. I tried downloading them from official blogspot, but my antivirus constantly blocked the next page after adlfy and I didn't want to risk, some pages were blocked on the intent of trying to download some weird shit. Funny thing is that a few years back there were no such problem.
  10. There is, just click anywhere and choose ww/settings. You will get a menu for the mod where you can disable or enable what you want.
  11. Well I did understand what you meant. And that is what I said in the end, that as far as I understand you can't do that. I kinda get what are you trying to build there, but attractiveness can change since there is no option to lock it and it can't prevent sims from relationships, just hinder it. So in your game everyone prefer thin woman with medium hair and etc, but they can still get to like someone else, it just will be more difficult. And if the description is right and it works that way, with time their preferences will change according to what the one they have relationship with looks like.
  12. The thing that I found when I was playing with my household is that said attractiveness should also be called preferences. For the most part there is no such thing as attractiveness in game apart from body type and how the player sees it. All ww attractiveness is a set of one sims preferences and checks along those preferences. So here are two situation that could happen in your case, imho from my experience: 1. Y did not have generated set of preferences at all, 2 Y had some off them pre-generated but they were all of the mark, in both cases it will result in Y finding X unattractive. I did not have patience to check if the mod will actually generate some preferences in my household while they will interact with each other, but it is said in the mod description that that how it works. So I just used settings to generate set of preferences for all of them based on themselves. But here the thing as far as I understand there might be nothing you can do since those preferences can be acquired as skills or traits. It might look awkward to see something as extremely unattractive but you also have to understand that it is not something like beautiful and ugly it is just what kind of preferences in look one has. For example someone like them big someone like the small.
  13. No they can have sex just fine. You need to check for relationship in settings. Cos sims might reject if they have bf/gf or a spouse. So in short if they don't have anyone by default they can do it with anyone, after they get into relationship there will be a check for that.
  14. If it supposed to be like this, then that function is not working as intended. Since it is checked by default that means something is off there, since my sims still use bathing outfit, but if I check default option (bathing outfit) and then make changes to bathing outfit using mccc dresser then I have changes that I want. So that what got me confused.
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