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  1. Ok, thanks, i got it working now. I was just used to one of the older versions already being in its own folder upon extraction and not having to make one for it.
  2. i'm having a weird issue with Sexbound, where the game CTDs right after chucklefish loading thing everytime. but it only does that when i use the unpacked version. when i use the .pak version it works just fine every time, but i want to edit some of the settings, which i can't do with the .pak file. i've tried starting the game with just the unpaked version and no other sexbound mods and it still crashed everytime, yet it loads just fine with all the other SB mods i have as long as i don't have the unpacked SB. heres the log https://pastebin.com/zUcevMKC
  3. AwakenedVoid


    how does one acquire The Donglenator, i can't seem to find it anywhere.
  4. i was wondering if it would be possible to make a mod that adds some form of cum inflation, such as when an NPC climaxes, the actor their having sex with belly start to expand, i know the pregnancy part of sexbound sorta does that, in that it gives you a pregnant belly, but was wondering if anyone could make it incremental at the moment of climax. (bare with me as i have no mod making capabilities nor knowledge.)
  5. Any information on the slime race. Has anyone tried to contact the author yet?
  6. I know iv seen various clips and posts referencing/showing some form of beastiality, but i've never really been able to find anything out about them, or if there are any. If anyone has information about this, or possibly even some form of link to a beastiality mod for Starbound, i would greatly appreciate it.
  7. i seem to be having some problems with getting my female werewolf model to work. when even i transform into a werewolf, i have the breasts, but no penis, (i tried setting my character to male in the "showracemenu" and i did have a penis when i transformed, so i guess i did that part right) and i set the MCM up properly as far as i know in order to get it too work, and i don't believe im getting an mod overwrites, i even tried uninstalling moonlight tales to no avail. i also noticed that whenever i started to rape someone, that like 10 seconds in my werewolf would vanish during the animation, the animation would continue until finished, and i would reappear just fine, but i don't have any model during it. some advice would be nice. Edit: i seemed to have fixed the body becoming invisible thing at some point when i was messing with my mods, but im still having my main problem with my model not loading properly.
  8. i seem to be having an issue with creatures not trying to mate with me even if i crouch and invite them, either nothing happens, or it says the creature is not interested in me. i have all my MCM settings pretty much open, so anything thing should be able to mate with me, but i could be missing something. I'm not sure what to do.
  9. i just downloaded this mod, and for some reason it does not show up in skyrim at all, as if i did not even install it. i did all the steps correctly as far as i know, have all the mods installed, and im using Mod Organizer 2. im not sure if i miss-read something, or maybe just straight up missed something, or maybe even have a mod conflict. But if anyone knows why this is, i would greatly appreciate some help.
  10. i seem to have figured it out, got it working now, not really sure which of my mods was causing the issue though. Thanks!
  11. iv recently been having a strange bug/glitch, that when i go into the "fill her up" menu in MCM, for the "Race cum amounts" on the right side of the menu does not have any options for me, everything still works fine, but i can't adjust the settings to how i would like them, and it's becoming an annoyance. i had the options there before, and i could adjust them all properly, but now their not there. im not sure if it's one of the mods i installed recently, or something that just came up. i have not really tried much to fix it, because im worried about breaking something, since im still sorta new this type of modding. help would be appreciated.
  12. hey there, i have a question, and forgive me for being a relative noob at all this too. But, when im using this mod (the all in one pack) it all works fine, but the skin texture is all dirty looking, kinda like the base skin, and weather or not i have the CBBE mod installed, or the other texture mods, it does not seem to change it. im currently using this mod for the Fill her up mod, since the belly accepts the size changes, im also using "HDT bounce and jiggles CBBE edition" for the physics, since its the only one i could get to work with the belly to actually have physics, rather than look like a rock.
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