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  1. First of this may not be the mod authors fault so thank you for the mod. It could be mine for downloading a mod with info in a language I couldn't read. The author could have info on this and I didn't know. I downloaded 2 mods from the pack. This is the only recent mod I have downloaded so it has to be my issue. I get a fatal error message now about wicked whims. It says I have 2 copies when I don't. I am not posting this to complain since I should not have downloaded a mod in a foreign language to me. This is mostly for others to read and be warned. If you can't read the info on this mod, you may not want to download it. I uninstalled the mod. I even uninstalled and reinstalled wicked whims. I still get the fatal error message about having 2 versions of wicked whims, which I don't, unless a version was attached to this mod.
  2. Thank you for that information. I will look into it. And thank you for everything you and others like you do. If you ever do anything where you would like background music with no copyright or royalty issues let me know. No promises on if you will like my work but I do have a little music studio and would be willing to give it a go. My little way of saying thanks.
  3. I really do appreciate your response, especially so quickly. Thank you. I am checking the link now. I was referring to the shape in general. I can't get them to look like that no matter how hard I try...lol
  4. Thank you for the mod. I have been looking for something like this. And the nipples look great! I do have a question. How did you get the boobs to look like the pic below? I have been looking for a way to get that shape. I don't want that shape for every sim, just a few. Thanks in advance for any helpful responses. Gumdrop Nipples & Hucow Udders
  5. Thank you for responding. I will get it. I really do appreciate your mods.
  6. This mod used to include abduction. Is that gone for good or a separate mod now? Thanks in advance for any helpful responses. Without people who make mods, games would not be as enjoyable or replayable as they are. To everyone who makes mods, thank you.
  7. I am looking for a good way to build my own strip club/brothel. Is there a good one with everything I need to do that? By everything I need, I don't necessarily mean has everything. But what the mod doesn't have, it provides links to where I can get it. Thank you in advance for any helpful responses. Big thanks to everyone who makes mods. Without mods, games wouldn't be as enjoyable as they are, or have as much re playability. Thank you.
  8. Thank you for this. It looks awesome but before I download it I have a few questions if someone would be kind enough to answer. Does it work with other breast mods and can I adjust breast size? I am trying to have different breast sizes and shapes. And I love the nipple work. I apologize if you already answered that and I missed it. I di look and either way I appreciate the work you did.
  9. Thanks. I will just remove KW until it is updated. And to be safe I will take out the community library since it's not needed for anything else. I agree on minimal mods. Thanks again. I do appreciate the help. I got to check it out a little before I updated and I know it's something I want in my game. It was working just fine. This is why I hate doing updates and rarely do them once I have things the way I want and working properly.
  10. I did and I thought I had everything necessary. So I assume I am missing something. I got that library file it said it needed. Maybe I need something else?
  11. ezg

    The Sims 4

    Scorpio I just wanted to let you know it appears that solved my problem. I was only able to do a quick test. I had a sim make a drink and another sim drink it. It worked. Unfortunately I ran into another issue before I could further test it. I created a topic for that separate since it's a different issue. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your response and your help. Thank you.
  12. I received an exception error: locate the file log at D/Documents/Electronic Arts/ The Sims 4/ Kinky whims_assault_exceptions.txt. All I did was start the game. I attached the file with the same name. I assume I should do that? Everything is up to date. Below is my mod list: *Wicked Whims *Basement Drugs *Kinky Whims *animations *clothing, hair and accessory mods Thanks in advance to anyone that helps and thanks to all the people who make mods. KinkyWhims_Assault_Exceptions.txt
  13. First off thanks for the awesome mod. The last version was great. I am trying to update to the current version. I deleted the old mod and when I selected download file, the download menu popped up but no file name displayed. I clicked download anyway. After 10 seconds it started the download and finished and I installed. It looked like everything was there. I went in game and it's not there. I can't click the ground or a sim and have any options pop up. So I uninstalled and went to try again. When I clicked download file the same thing happened. I have limited data so I don't want to keep repeating a download that may not be working. Any suggestions? Thanks again for all you do and thanks for any positive feedback.
  14. ezg

    The Sims 4

    Thank you Scorpio. I went online and am doing the repair option now. I didn't know there was a repair option. It says 22 minutes left. I hope it's not doing the update as well. I usually stay offline and only update when I want something. I just updated everything so I could get university last week or so ago. I have basement drugs and you are right, it's great. I initially forgot about that one. I hope the repair works. Again, thank you for responding.
  15. ezg

    The Sims 4

    First off I Want to thank all the people who make mods. Game developers owe you so much for helping with the longevity and interest in a game. Second, If I am posting this in the wrong place, I apologize but I am not sure if my issue is due to the vanilla game or a mod. I am playing on Windows 10. The Sims 4 is updated to the latest version as well as are my mods which are listed below: -Wicked Whims -Kinky Whims -Basement drugs -Various animations for the mods -hair,clothing and body mods. My problem. Everything was working fine. I started a new game and now my sim cannot purchase drinks from a bar. I created a bowling alley and bar. When I go to order a drink, the menu pops up and my order options become available. I click what I want and nothing happens. I cannot purchase for myself, another or a group. Once I click the option I want the menu options disappear and nothing happens. I have also tried going to a vanilla bar that came with the base game with the same results. I can buy food. Thanks in advance for any helpful response.
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