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  1. Ambustin

    The Animal Mansion Redux

    when in the list debug in the MCM the names of the quests are marked as disabled and supended, what is the difference? and does that mean that it is not possible to accomplish them in the current version?
  2. Hi everyone, is it possible to interact with the supplies outside arrest and punishment? If yes it means that I have a problem, I see the bondages stuff in the hostels, cities etc but I can not use them and when I walk in the city there is a notification that says "no furniture nearby", I could join the list of my esp if that can help to solve the problem, thank you in advance friends
  3. Bestiality + Bondage !! all that I love , thx for this mod and in addition to high quality , I hope to see more .
  4. Il There is good potential on this site, there is a dog in a cage, raiders, a single woman ... several options are possible, -the dog violates the player if the raiders die -Lookies violate the player if the dog dies -Gang bang? - kennel at Eleanor -An other idea ?
  5. Hi everybody , I followed the guide and for the moment all the functions of Four-play seem to work except for a small detail (see screen). And I do not understand what is embarrassing, but I can not speak anymore either to my companions or to the other NPC I quickly watched if I did not miss a .esp or other but nothing jumps out at me, so I looked here and I saw someone with the same problem but I can not find the answer of problem so here I am asking you for your help. thank you in advance Ps: sorry for English it's google translation
  6. Ambustin

    Fertile Breeder - Farmer

    sorry there (yet: s) something I have not understood, I followed the advice of paula and I ended up killed jeff and when I told paula that I killed him with the phrase "he's dead, it's over. "I took the key as she told me and I fate but it never goes out I'm the dlc to see if it were a question of time but after OWB, and HH LR does not always spell, or that I screwed up?
  7. Ambustin

    Fertile Breeder - Farmer

    I must surely be the last of moron but I do not find a way to launch the following quest, I found the farm, jeff and building, and I have read on the topic that there is a man Goodspring but I find people: '( * sorry if there an English error is google translation *