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  1. Il There is good potential on this site, there is a dog in a cage, raiders, a single woman ... several options are possible, -the dog violates the player if the raiders die -Lookies violate the player if the dog dies -Gang bang? - kennel at Eleanor -An other idea ?
  2. Hi everybody , I followed the guide and for the moment all the functions of Four-play seem to work except for a small detail (see screen). And I do not understand what is embarrassing, but I can not speak anymore either to my companions or to the other NPC I quickly watched if I did not miss a .esp or other but nothing jumps out at me, so I looked here and I saw someone with the same problem but I can not find the answer of problem so here I am asking you for your help. thank you in advance Ps: sorry for English it's google translation
  3. Ambustin

    Fertile Breeder - Farmer

    sorry there (yet: s) something I have not understood, I followed the advice of paula and I ended up killed jeff and when I told paula that I killed him with the phrase "he's dead, it's over. "I took the key as she told me and I fate but it never goes out I'm the dlc to see if it were a question of time but after OWB, and HH LR does not always spell, or that I screwed up?
  4. Ambustin

    Fertile Breeder - Farmer

    I must surely be the last of moron but I do not find a way to launch the following quest, I found the farm, jeff and building, and I have read on the topic that there is a man Goodspring but I find people: '( * sorry if there an English error is google translation *