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  1. the mod does not work for me. The NPC doesn't notice the sex scene.I am using it with Radient Prostitution. I have download Sexlab Aroused.
  2. After I talked to the npc, there is no animation. It worked perfectly fine before.
  3. I installed WG_Test but when I talked with Haelga, there is no dialogue about this mod. I have the amulet on.
  4. I disable the mod(version 20130502) and skyrim CTD every time I load a save. Now I can't update the mod...
  5. Maybe, does this happen all the time? or just once? Had another couple finished animation at the same time? that occasionally might cause gliches This happen ever since I activated this mod. My arouse level never drop even though I had had sex with my followers( I use the "I need comfort." dialogue).
  6. I have the spells but they have no effect at all.
  7. I have sex with my follower but my arousal didn't drop. Is this some kind of bug?
  8. Dialogues don't show up when I find Irileth in Whiterun. What should I do?
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