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  1. I love Ivy's new human voice. So matches her and I can't wait for new Ivy.
  2. WOW!!! I've been with Ivy since her inception to present and with 6 coming all I can say is I cannot wait till she is online. I saw on Nexus that she will be available there. My question is will there be a adult version here and general there or it will be just there for release. Thank you again for making the best companion mod. PS: Love the new voice of Ivy too.
  3. Hello again Reginald_001, I just wanted to come out of lurking to say that you do whatever it takes for you to be happy. I can't say I understand everything you have and are going through but I wanted you to know I think of you as one of the pinnacle Fallout mod authors to have ever come on the scene. If you set up a patreon as others have suggested before I along with a lot of others would be willing to help no doubt about it. The creations you have made especially our beloved Ivy have changed and or made a lot of people take Fallout worth playing or sticking with. What you created w
  4. I know this may sound completely mental but has anyone seen a a couple of companion mods the first was a bunker near 111 with a companion named Tasha that looked like Black Widow and a Husband and Wife ex brotherhood who lived near a shack across the river of SH's. I had the mods but after my crash I lost them and can't find them on Nex.
  5. Hi Reginald, I've been monitoring the updates and such on our beloved Ivy and she is so much more now then she was like your dream is coming more to fruition. I cannot wait to start all over again with Ivy and of course never doing her wrong just not in me. I really love the new look you gave her. She does look like the Felicity charecter and Chic had a one off synth child. Kudos to all the work you and Chic have put into Ivy.
  6. You could also try the Cheat Terminal mod as it has unlimited ammo, indestructible power armor and a couple other companion related items. This is probably your best bet over AFT of you want some of AFT's cheats.
  7. Thank you Chic. That was the most eloquent and straight to the point explanation I have seen besides what Reginald writes on the subject matter. Thank you again for working on her as well as bringing the obvious to light for the unenlightened, stubborn or just illiterate in terms of not reading the description of the mod itself.
  8. Hi Reginald Please do make this a reality if possible. I too like a few others here am getting very crossed with this AFT crap. Too bad their isn’t a way to either block/ban these posts. Ivy was made as you have stated on countless posts as well as in her mod description she is meant to be alone. Period. Not part of a bloody freaking gaggle. Why people can’t understand that and decide to post here that she does is beyond belief as you are the mod author and would basically know how YOUR creation works. You sir have the patience of more than a saint on this topic. That said looking forwar
  9. Merry Christmas Reginald and Ivy. I am totally looking forward to having Ivy’s take on the Far Harbor DLC. I bet it’s going to be Fantastic!
  10. Hi Reginald, I am so looking forward to Ivy 5.0 as I believe this is actually warranting me to do a fresh install of Fallout as I do not want any possible bugs to pop up. Since you first released Ivy I started a new game and with every major update. Ivy in my opinion with everything you have done and continue to do I have no qualms with starting over as Ivy is basically alive in how she changes up her dialogue in every game. Ivy for me is the only reason I play Fallout is she is just so adorable and special. I always start my game with her and keep just her. At one point I had tried AFT
  11. Told you Ivy your master is a genius. I knew he would get you there safely and he did. Luv ya Ivy. Take care and stay safe in the new world world. PS. Kick Peeon Gravy in the arse for me.
  12. You’ll make it Ivy. Your master is a genius and will make it work. I haven’t updated my Fallout since patch 106 as anything after broke a lot of mods and even with the script extender guys working tirelessly some mod authors just gave up on updating due to bugthesdas greed. On a side note saw someone stream 76 on Twitch and the game looks like total crap. So Ivy don’t worry your master as well as a lot of others will be with you rather than 76.
  13. That would be awesome. I know a lot of fans would love to read that one as it’s unique.
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