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  1. Positioning timer doesn't seem to work anymore with new xNVSE 6.2.3+ .Rolled back to 6.0.9 and it works.
  2. Very cool animations. But it seems that in SLAL_Creature(LE) - Riekling_Trade animation the genders are reversed, and the "male" always takes the wrong position. Seems to be the case for any male.
  3. Seemed like an interesting mod at first, but it's very buggy, glitchy and all in all quite immersion breaking. My biggest gripe with it is how it draws current followers the player has into the pool of potential assailants, even when the player is the victim. Quite ridiculous to see the followers who were just fighting for you suddenly gang up on you and use all the default bandit remarks, this mod provides, to humiliate the player. Secondly the mod seems to give preference to human npcs in terms of setting up scenes instead of creatures and such. Thirdly the mod seems to occasionally delete the player inventory that was stolen, resulting in permanent loss of items (unless rolled back to a save before the attack) especially if the player has to travel through multiple cells to get "revenge". The mod doesn't seem to factor factions into the equation when setting up the attackers, but just scans the area and draws everyone in, and so followers, peaceful npcs and even guards come to assault the player. Like for example when transported to Lund's Hut's exterior, half the Rorikstead comes to have fun, while skeevers native to the location just chill about.
  4. Geralt5

    SL Bed Animations

    Leito, your animations are freaking amazing. I salute you!
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