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  1. Mills' Mess v1.2 - Fixed all mesh of common. Updated 8/2/20 Costume Customizer v1.9.7
  2. Anago v1.1 - Fixed a groin mesh. Updated 7/19/20 Costume Customizer v1.9.6
  3. @HokageSama I don't know. @sakuravs I don't share Asari according to my policy. Asari has implemented as SSR in DOAXVV.
  4. Anago Added 7/17/20 Costume Customizer v1.9.6
  5. Oak Added 7/11/20 Costume Customizer v1.9.6
  6. Violet v1.1 - Fixed shoulders mesh. Updated 7/6/20 Costume Customizer v1.9.6
  7. Violet Added 7/4/20 Costume Customizer v1.9.6
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