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  1. hi Got it running but have just 2 tattoos... there is more? or some pack to download or just reinstall?
  2. 1st of all its not my texture its "SexLab Quite the Sperm Replacer 5 By QuiteUnfortunate" now... I try to convert the cum texture to FP and I did everything... but still, no cum when done sex... I even took the runtime community mod FP and try to change the cum texture their with the converted one... but still not applied... then I tried to create a body with cum on it and its work for the game but it permanent and I just want it to be after sex act... So someone by any chance can help me understand how to make it work? attached is the body I used for test and worked but permanently... and the original dds I try to use Edit: I made it work... FemaleBody_d.dds Vaginal2Oral2Anal2.dds
  3. I got AAF as well... but not sure it's working...
  4. okay, thanks... I thought after a long time they create the z-axis... thanks. all my animation is offset downwards
  5. there is a way to up or down animation? I see just forward-backwards leftward and rightward...
  6. actually i got rid of submit in cuz i'm using Curse loot and Death alternative and defeat... so submit was to much but maybe ill get it back to see if its works now
  7. okay guys found the problem and fix it... my settings in the Papyrus and ENB wasn't right for my Graphic Card that is way better then the game give it... and the scripts was overwhelms the scripts memory and crashed.. .but now i fix it and its not crash anymore... thanks a lot for try help tho
  8. crashed alot again Papyrus.0.log Papyrus.1.log Papyrus.2.log Papyrus.3.log
  9. okay game crashed after 3 hours if i understand it well for some reason its search for Maria Eden script... dunno why tho... Papyrus.0.log
  10. so i update my SKSE and Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp and its not crashed 2 hours for now... hope it will stay like that...
  11. yea ill try that as well. Thank you for your patience Papyrus.0.log
  12. Oh... the game just crashed CRDE was the last things in Papyrus.0
  13. So yea the new load order and the reinstall the mods this time worked its not crashed anymore for now... hope it will stay like that... but i change a little bit from the load order u said in the guide cuz im using morph race menu and if i put it up on the list and not in the down area its not working... hope it will not cuz any crashed... i think maybe the POP prison mod doing conflicts or something... but for now the game work and not crash
  14. its not crashed yet... but didn't play long cuz some of my mods in the MCM change to looks weird like $mcm1 so on... i'm trying to find out what mods it is and reinstall them then ill do again the sorting and the manually sorting as well... Thanks a lot when i reinstall the weird mods back and do all the sorting ill report how it goes :)
  15. Okay thanks for the fast answer... i'm using Loot for the load order but ill do it then ill change the masters to what you said and ofc ill check out your guide.
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